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Course Description

Retirement for many of us can already be a fact of life.  For others, it is looming on the horizon and the closer we get the more uneasy we feel about that next step.  We are filled with questions about just how we will pay for our retirement.  What will it cost?  How much will you get from Social Security?  What if you do not wish to quit working entirely, but are being forced into retirement by your company? Are you ready for retirement emotionally?
There are many questions about retirement, mainly because retirement is now considered a phase of our lives rather than a couple years spent marking time after we stop working.  The latest statistics indicate that most people who retire today can look forward to decades of time spent in retirement, and with that much time on our hands, it is imperative that we plan carefully.  We need to develop a financial plan.  We need to develop a health and exercise plan.  We need to develop and emotional and social support plan.

This online class will address a number of these issues and give you a place to start.  Financial concerns regarding IRA's, insurance, and what you should do with your house will be addressed.  Specific health recommendations will be made to maximize your physical condition during retirement.  And what about your social and family relationships?  Most of us have allowed these very important relationships to lapse when our happiness during retirement is actually based on them.

Finally, we will talk about how to prepare for retirement and what you will do with your time.  There are many of us who really wanted to do something else with our lives.  Once you retire from your "real" job, you may be very pleasantly surprised to realize that you can now finally pursue the life of your dreams.

After working for what seems like forever, we all look forward to that magical goal in our life. RETIREMENT.

However, this begs the question, "What exactly IS retirement?" For many folks, this means that you no longer have to get up to that early morning alarm clock, no long and annoying commute, you do not answer to a boss any more, in other words, you are FREE! Right?

Far too many people have only a vague idea of what retirement is, and therefore simply wait for it to happen and make no plans for it. This is a recipe for disaster.

Did you know that in 1910, the average life expectancy was 50 years and that the average age for retirement was 74 years?  That means most retirees were dead for 25 years BEFORE they could retire.  By 1940, life expectancy increased to 61 and retirement dropped to 70…still a deficit.  By 1970, life expectancy was up to 67 and retirement age dropped again to 65.  

This idea of retirement, therefore, is a relatively new one. It has only really been around for a few generations. Small wonder most folks do not know how to plan for it.

What you need to keep in mind is that planning for retirement DOES mean you have to plan for your financial future, and most people are aware of this fact. Make sure that your retirement plans and pension plans are being watched carefully, that you know what to do in terms of rolling over money to avoid huge tax burdens. You all know how to make a budget, see how much it costs you to live today, and make sure that you will have that much money coming in monthly when you retire.

For the most successful retirement experience, you absolutely MUST consider a holistic retirement plan, considering all aspects of retirement, not just the monetary aspect. The statistics do not lie. You can expect to live for quite some time in retirement. Consider the following possibilities.


  • What will you do with yourself? Are you the type of person whose identity is defined by your work? If so, who will you be when you retire?
  • Do you know your wife or husband? Your family? Have you spent all your time working to provide for your family, but now do not know who they are? It is time to change this.
  • Friendship is critical, keeping old friends and learning how to make new friends. For many of us, the art of making friends ended in the elementary school playground.
  • Some of you might want to continue working, but NOT in your former job.
  • You might have a passion you have never been able to pursue before.
  • Perhaps you have not finished a degree in something, or you want another degree. More and more retirees are attending college and completing upper level degrees.
  • Some people have dedicated themselves to raising a family, and now want the opportunity to go out and start a business, make a contribution to society, somehow make a difference in our world.

Retirement can be the most exciting part of your life, one where YOU define what you will do and who you are. However, if you do not plan for this, years could be wasted while you wait for retirement to happen to you. Who are you? What do you REALLY want to be when you grow up? Where do you want to live? What have not you done yet and MUST do before you leave this world? Start now by taking good care of your health, both physical and mental. Forge new relationships and friendships, and certainly take care of the ones you already have. Retirement should be the most GOLDEN period of your life!

Where You Are Today

Regardless of your age, planning for retirement can start today. It is time to consider you financial situation, your age, how long you have been working, how long you plan to continue working, what pensions, IRA's or other retirement vehicles you have established, and what your dreams of retirement are.

To create a reasonable retirement plan it is vital that these questions are considered and answered. If you are 55 and have put nothing toward retirement and yet you plan to live out your Golden Years traveling and golfing, you could be in for a bit of a surprise. Retirement does not automatically hand you a life of luxury on a platter.

On the other hand, even if you ARE 55 and have done little to prepare for retirement, it is not too late. Learning to live a full and yet frugal life will allow you to retire well. It is all about perception and expectation.
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    Course Lessons

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    Lesson 1. The Plan for Retirement

    Far too many people have only a vague idea of what retirement is, and therefore simply wait for it to happen and make no plans for it. This is a recipe for disaster. 33 Total Points
    • Lesson 1 Video
    • Review Article: Retire Happy
    • Take Poll: Are You Ready?
    • Take Survey: Reasons for Taking this Course
    • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
    • Complete: Lesson 1: Assignment 1
    • Complete Exam: Lesson One: The Plan for Retirement

    Lesson 2. Investing

    The last third of our lives can be spent in that state commonly referred to as "retirement". 41 Total Points
    • Lesson 2 Video
    • Review Article: Getting Closer...
    • Complete: Lesson 2: Assignment 1
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Two: Investing

    Lesson 3. More Sources of Retirement Income

    Social Security was initially established in 1935 as a social insurance plan to provide supplementary income for retired or disabled individuals. 42 Total Points
    • Lesson 3 Video
    • Complete: Lesson 3: Assignment 1
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Three: More Sources of Retirement Income

    Lesson 4. Other Sources of Retirement Income

    The first piece of real estate to consider in your retirement is your own home. If you have owned your home for years and not tapped into the equity for any reason, you could realize a great deal of money from it. 22 Total Points
    • Lesson 4 Video
    • Review Article: All About Home Equity
    • Complete: Lesson 4 Assignment - Extra Sources of Income
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Four: Other Sources of Retirement Income

    Lesson 5. Unexpected or Unanticipated Expenses

    Taxes have been a constant, examples include sales tax, property tax, income tax, and others. Most Americans have managed to handle taxes without becoming intimately involved. 32 Total Points
    • Lesson 5 Video
    • Complete: Lesson 5: Assignment 1
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Five: Unexpected or Unanticipated Expenses

    Lesson 6. Investing In Health

    Now that we have given you a good understanding of your financial retirement responsibilities, it is time to address the other vital concerns to help ensure a terrific retirement phase of your life. 21 Total Points
    • Lesson 6 Video
    • Review Article: Live Long, Live Healthy
    • Complete: Lesson 6 Assignment: My Health Choices
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Six: Investing In Health

    Lesson 7. Family Life

    Retirement is when you reap what you have been sowing all these years. Only this lesson is about family and not about money. 11 Total Points
    • Lesson 7 Video
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Seven: Family Life

    Lesson 8. Silver and Gold

    Any social relationship is typically based on proximity and convenience. They arise out of our daily activities, school, church, and work. Look at your own social circle. 32 Total Points
    • Lesson 8 Video
    • Complete: Lesson 8: Assignment 1
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Eight: Silver and Gold

    Lesson 9. Developing Interests and Self-Worth

    Many of us envision retirement as that long awaited endless summer vacation. We have been vigilant about preparing ourselves financially and when the big day finally arrives, many of us are disappointed. 12 Total Points
    • Lesson 9 Video
    • Review Article: Personal Investments
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Nine: Developing Interests and Self-Worth

    Lesson 10. Where To Live

    Retirement often brings to mind places of infinite sunshine, and a number of retirees sell everything and move to Florida or Arizona. For some, this is like moving to paradise. 22 Total Points
    • Lesson 10 Video
    • Review Article: Options - Online Newsletter
    • Take Poll: Dream Locations
    • Complete: Lesson 10 Assignment: My Living Arrangements
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Ten: Where To Live

    Lesson 11. How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

    By now you will have discovered that retirement is not a short period where you sit around waiting to die. 552 Total Points
    • Lesson 11 Video
    • Take Poll: Aging Concerns
    • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
    • Complete Exam: Lesson Eleven: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams
    • Complete: The Final Exam: Retirement Planning
    Total Course Points

    Learning Outcomes

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Define the plan for retirement.
    • Describe investing techniques.
    • Describe sources of retirement income.
    • Summarize unexpected or unanticipated expenses.
    • Summarize reason and methods for investing in health.
    • Describe family life.
    • Describe silver and gold in terms of investment.
    • Summarize developing interests and defining self-worth.
    • Summarize where to live.
    • Summarize the basic principles for living the life of your dreams, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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