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Course Description

'Creative Energy-Flow and the Written Word' is an attempt to capture what cannot be held in hand or thought--the elusive riddle of human creativity as we find it in our writing. Here we look at various forms and genres (books, dramas and plays, poetry, essays, film-writing, stories in general, etc.) as they relate to the creative impulse.


We also talk about the Writer's Voice and personality, writing as therapy, illusions about writing, legend and mythos, and other areas where a creative writer may find inspiration, advice or enlightening conjecture. This self-paced course is offered to writers everywhere with hat-in-hand, for what it may be worth. Test and review questions, and also lesson exercises are included at the end of each lesson to build mastery.

Course Requirements

At least a high school reading and writing educational level is required.

Course Goals

Students will learn:

-The importance of creativity in writing

-The different writing forms

-The history of poetry and it's various forms.

-How to write a basic essay.

-How to be a creative fictional writer

-How to write fictional dramas and adventures.

-The factors that go into writing a novel.

-The importance of writing what you know

-The role of personality into your writing.

-How writing can be beneficial as therapy

-How to separate your ego from your writing

-How to deal with writer's block

-The importance of writing for yourself first


Course Materials

All course materials will be online and no outside purchases will be required.

Grading Policy

The course consists of fifteen lessons. At the end of each lesson will be at least one writing  assignment and a lesson review quiz based on the lesson material. A percentage grade will be given based on point accumulation.

Course Topics

         Lesson 1: Personal Creativity in Writing

         Lesson 2: Various Written Forms and Creative Flow

         Lesson 3: Thoughts of Writing Poetry

         Lesson 4: Easy Essays for Creative Happiness

         Lesson 5: Stories and Fiction in General

         Lesson 6: Dramatic Forms

         Lesson 7: The Novel Novelist

         Lesson 8: Write What You Know, and Admit You Know Nothing

         Lesson 9: Your Personality as a Writer

         Lesson 10: Creative Writing as Therapy

         Lesson 11: The Ghost in the Wishing Well: Illusions and False Ideas About Creative Writing

         Lesson 12: Culinary Arts as Allegory for the Writer

         Lesson 13: Writing to Please Others, or Yourself?

         Lesson 14: From Eternity to You

         Lesson 15: The Impossible Task of Words


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define ways to develop personal creativity in writing.
  • Describe various written forms and define the creative flow.
  • Demonstrate creativity through easy essays.
  • Describe dramatic forms.
  • Demonstrate your personality in your writing.
  • Compare and contrast writing a novel versus writing a short story.
  • Describe how writing can be therapeutic, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Lesson 1 Creativity in Writing20
Lesson 1 Exam7
Lesson 2 Creative Forms of Writing20
Lesson 2 Exam7
Lesson 3 Assignment A30
Lesson 3 Assignment B20
Lesson 3 Assignment C20
Lesson 3 Exam75
Lesson 4 Assignment A30
Lesson 4 Assignment B10
Lesson 450
Lesson 5 Stories and Fictions50
Assignment 5A20
Lesson 5 Exam9
Lesson 6 Assignment A30
Lesson 6 Assignment B30
Lesson 644
Lesson 7 Assignment A30
Lesson 7 Assignment B25
Lesson 754
Lesson 8 Assignment A20
Lesson 8 Assignment B30
Lesson 8 Exam42
Lesson 9 Exam8
Lesson 10 Assignment A30
Lesson 10 Assignment B10
Lesson 10 Assignment C25
Lesson 109
Lesson 11 False Ideas About Writing35
Lesson 11 Exam6
Lesson 12 Assignment A25
Lesson 1252
Lesson 13 Assignment A15
Lesson 13 Assignment B15
Lesson 13 Assignment C25
Lesson 137
Lesson 14 Assignment35
Lesson 14 Exam4
Lesson 15 Assignment A15
Lesson 15 Assignment B25
Lesson 15 Assignment C: Final Assignment25
Lesson 15 Final Exam4
Total Points:1044

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