Course Description

Mastering English Composition: A Versatile Skillset for Modern Life

In the era of communication, where content is the cornerstone of digital platforms, and the ability to articulate ideas clearly is paramount, the craft of English composition stands tall. Studies from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reveal that written communication skills consistently rank among the top desired attributes by employers in their job candidates. However, effective writing goes beyond mere job qualifications—it is an essential life skill that elevates one's personal, academic, and professional journey.

Broadening Horizons Through Composition

The prowess of English composition stretches across varied domains:

  • Academic Excellence: A solid foundation in essay writing and thesis organization will bolster the performance of students in high school and college. Furthermore, for individuals gearing up for college or graduate school entrance exams, a refined skill set in composition can often be the difference between acceptance and rejection.

  • Business Acumen: As the business world continually evolves, professionals are expected to present their ideas, strategies, and reports in a lucid and compelling manner. Whether it's drafting an intricate proposal, creating an engaging presentation, or simply corresponding with colleagues, a strong grasp of composition is indispensable.

  • Interview Preparedness: For those navigating the job market, the capacity to produce articulate written material during interviews—whether it's answering email queries or completing on-the-spot assignments—can significantly increase one's chances of landing the desired role.

  • Leadership and Supervision: Individuals in managerial or supervisory roles often find themselves swamped with documentation, from employee feedback to project outlines. A proficiency in composition ensures clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness in such tasks.

  • Personal Communication: In our daily lives, be it writing a heartfelt letter, blogging, or even engaging on social media, the ability to communicate effectively is invaluable.

Structured Learning: Crafting the Art of Composition

This course is meticulously structured to take learners through the nuanced journey of English composition:

  1. Essay Writing as a Process: Understand the iterative nature of essay writing, emphasizing continuous refinement.
  2. A Review of Grammar and Punctuation: Brush up on the foundational elements that lend precision and clarity to any written piece.
  3. The Structures of an Essay: Dive deep into the anatomy of essays, analyzing each segment's purpose and execution.
  4. Outlining: Master the art of creating blueprints for essays, ensuring coherent flow and logical sequencing.
  5. Developing a Powerful Thesis Statement: Craft compelling central ideas that captivate readers and anchor your essays.
  6. Introduction to the Concept of Research: Navigate the world of information, discerning between credible sources and understanding citations.
  7. Rough Drafting or First Drafting: Learn the techniques to transform ideas into textual form, laying the groundwork for refinement.
  8. The Revision Process: Refine your drafts, enhancing their quality through iterations, feedback, and self-assessment.
  9. Writing Effective Introductions and Conclusions: Discover the art of beginning with impact and ending with lasting impressions.
  10. The Final Draft: Assemble a polished piece, ready for submission or publication.
  11. Introduction to Style Guides: Familiarize yourself with various formatting standards, ensuring your writings meet professional benchmarks.
  12. Conclusion: Reflect on the acquired knowledge, assimilate learnings, and chart the path forward in your writing journey.

Write Your Way to Success

The dynamism of English composition is undeniably vast. Its applications permeate every facet of modern life. By investing in this course, learners don't just acquire a skill—they acquire a tool, a voice, a means to express, influence, and inspire.

Join us, and let the world resonate with your words. Discover the power of composition and harness it to craft stories, arguments, reports, and more, that leave an indelible mark. Let's write, refine, and revel in the magic of words!

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  • Self-Paced
  • Printable Lessons
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  • 6 Months to Complete
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  • PC & Mac Compatible
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  • Accredited CEUs
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate correct usage of grammar and punctuation.
  • Describe the structure of an essay.
  • Create an outline.
  • Develop a powerful thesis statement.
  • Conduct research.
  • Create a rough draft.
  • Summarize the revision process.
  • Write effective introductions and conclusions.
  • Develop a final draft.
  • Describe appropriate style guide usage.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction 1 points
Lesson 1 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 1 Exam 10 points
Lesson 2 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 2 Exam 10 points
Lesson 3 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 3 Exam 8 points
Lesson 4 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 4 Exam 8 points
Lesson 5 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 5 Exam 9 points
Lesson 6 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 6 Exam 8 points
Lesson 7 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 7 Exam 10 points
Lesson 8 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 8 Exam 10 points
Lesson 9 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 9 Exam 9 points
Lesson 10 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 10 Exam 8 points
Lesson 11 Assignment 25 points
Lesson 11 Exam 9 points
Final Assignment 25 points
The Final Exam 29 points
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