Bullying in Elementary School

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Course Description

Bullying is an issue that touches virtually all schools across the nation. Even at the preschool and elementary levels it is a major source for concern. Many parents and educators around the country are at a loss for what to do about the problem, as it continues to plague our nation's youth.


 That's where this course comes in! This bullying course is chock-full of the research that has been conducted on bullying, as well as the tools that people need in order to be successful at preventing, and addressing the issue. This course covers all about what bullying is, the impact it has on children, who bullies and why they do it, how to deal with a bully, how to teach children kindness and compassion, how to stand up to a bully and why it's so important, ways to talk to children about bullying, self-esteem matters, understanding feelings and working through them, how to help shy children to blossom, and more.


This course will also teach you what to do if it is your child that is the bully, as well as ways that schools and community groups can address bullying in order to raise awareness of it and bring it to an end if it's already happening. From prevention to effective solutions for ending bullying, this course covers it all! This course is ideal for parents, educators, and community members that want to help restore the innocents of childhood and bring an end to bullying in their community.

Course Requirements

At least a high school reading and writing educational level is required.

Course Topics



Lesson 1: An Introduction to Bullying

Lesson 2: The Impact of Bullying

Lesson 3: Who Bullies and Why

Lesson 4: Dealing with Bullies

Lesson 5: Teaching Kids Kindness and Compassion

Lesson 6: Standing Up to a Bully

Lesson 7: Ways to Talk to Children About Bullying

Lesson 8: Why Self-Esteem Matters

Lesson 9: Feelings Matter

Lesson 10: Helping a Shy Child Blossom

Lesson 11: When Your Child is the Bully

Lesson 12: Ways for Schools and Communities to Combat Bullying

Course Materials

All course materials will be online and no outside purchases will be required.

Grading Policy


Each lesson will include a lesson review quiz. Some of the lessons will also include a writing assignment along with a final assignment. Students will successfully complete this course with an overall average of 70% or higher.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe what bullying is and how it has progressed over time.
  • Identify the impact of bullying.
  • Recognize who bullies and why.
  • Describe methods for dealing with bullies.
  • Know how to teach kids kindness and compassion.
  • Know methods you can use for standing up to a bully.
  • Describe ways to talk to children about bullying.
  • Identify why self-esteem matters.
  • Recognize when your child is the bully.
  • Describe ways for schools and communities to combat bullying, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction1
Lesson 1 Exam10
Lesson 2 Exam10
Lesson 3 Exam10
Lesson 4 Exam10
Lesson 5 Exam10
Lesson 6 Exam10
Lesson 7 Exam10
Lesson 8 Exam9
Lesson 9 Exam10
Lesson 10 Exam9
Lesson 11 Exam10
The Final Exam30
Total Points:139

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