The Foundations for Understanding Healing Affirmations
The Foundations for Understanding Healing Affirmations
This article will provide the foundation for understanding what an affirmation is and how it can aid in the recovery and healing from mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. We will also explore specific examples of how affirmations can play a large role in an individual's recovery.

What is an affirmation?

For the purposes of this article, and in the context of healing, affirmations are a unique blend of these three definitions. Healing affirmations would be best described as:

A positive declaration, action, or assertion the individual projects, which encapsulates a desired state of being. Expressed in the present tense, an affirmation is absorbed by the conscious and subconscious mind and over time can change the mental, emotional, and physiological state of a person.

Affirmations can be a powerful tool for healing and personal development, if fully embraced and implemented on a consistent basis.

Examples of Healing Through Affirmations

To give you an idea of the possibilities, let's explore a few examples in which affirmations can heal. These scenarios are fictional, but they do mirror actual accounts of self healing.

Example 1.

Abigail is a 24-year-old woman who is in her final year of grad school and will soon embark on the journey to find a job and establish a career. Although Abigail is an excellent student, she experiences crippling anxiety when she thinks of entering the workforce. This is because Abigail secretly feels inadequate and doubts her ability to perform in the real world at the level of her peers.

To try to resolve this problem, Abigail seeks help from a psychotherapist who specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a form of talk therapy that allows the patient to explore issues that they may have and use reframing and positive affirmations to rewire their responses to the identified problems.

By delving into her fears, Abigail discovers that the root of her anxiety stems from the fact that her mother never encouraged her as a child. In fact, she was quite demeaning toward Abigail and made her feel as if she was not as intelligent or pretty as other children. This caused Abigail to internalize a sense of insecurity and inadequacy that followed her into her adult life.

To help Abigail counteract this internal programming, the therapist employed affirmations, which she had Abigail repeat during their consultations, as well as on her own throughout the day. The affirmations focused on the fact that Abigail was, in fact, intelligent, worthy, and capable of success. Over time, the old mental programming was released and Abigail was able to see a new version of herself, which gave her the confidence to move forward in her professional life.

Example 2.

Robert is a highly successful executive with a loving family. Most would think him extremely lucky. However, Robert's hectic lifestyle has caused him to gain considerable weight over the years. At first gradually, then accelerating during the peak of his career, Robert now finds himself 100 pounds overweight. At a loss as to how he can undo the damage, and frustrated with traditional diet and exercise plans, Robert turns to healing affirmations at the suggestion of a friend.

As part of his healing journey, Robert's friend suggests that he initially keep a journal to clear his head, identify the root cause of his weight gain, and clearly plot out a desired end goal. It is through this activity that Robert discovers he holds subconscious beliefs that to stay ahead of the game in the treacherous corporate arena, he can't afford to allow himself time for self care. If his activities are not seen as producing for the company or attracting lucrative clients, he feels guilty and that the position he worked so hard to attain may be in jeopardy.

This realization allowed Robert to craft healing affirmations that speak directly to this issue. His regular affirmations were centered on self love, respecting his body, and understanding his inherent worth. Robert also resolved to spend more time with his family and in joyful pursuits, which actually made him more productive in his career. As a result of maintaining a less stressful mindset, adopting conscious eating habits and spending more time in joyous physical activity with his family, Robert was able to lose weight almost effortlessly.
Food for Thought

In light of what you have learned so far, can you see how affirmations can be a positive catalyst for healing? Think about any potential areas in your life, or the lives of people around you, where these techniques may be of benefit. As you move deeper into the material, keep an open mind and be receptive to the many realizations you are likely to have.

Healing Affirmations are quickly becoming recognized as a beneficial holistic way to heal a number of ailments. The examples given in this chapter are but two of many scenarios in which affirmations can uproot debilitating thought patterns that have taken root and caused turmoil and imbalance in the mind or body. Healing affirmations are effective for a wide variety of ailments -- physical, mental, and emotional.
Understanding the Mind/Body Connection

During this article, you will come to understand that the mind and body are linked and have a profound affect on one another. You will gain an understanding of Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction, as they relate to healing. Lastly, we will learn about how the body responds to both physical and mental trauma and the affect that limiting beliefs can have on ones life and health.
Section 1. The Mind/Body Connection
Traditional vs. Holistic Medicine
Modern Medicine, often referred to as "Allopathic Medicine," operates on the platform of symptom suppression. This means that instead of seeing a particular symptom as an indication of a bigger systemic problem, traditional medicine seeks to suppress the feelings of pain or discomfort, often without knowing the origin.

An example of this model is the treatment of migraine headaches. In this instance, a patient will often be prescribed pharmaceutical-based pills, told to avoid light and loud noises, and sent on their way. In this case, the doctor feels as if he has done his job. However, there was no discussion about what was ultimately causing the migraines and how to treat that issue to effect permanent healing.

On the other hand, if the same patient were seen by an integrative physician, or naturopathic doctor, the protocol would be quite different, beginning at the initial intake process. A holistic doctor will seek to understand the patient as a whole, which often includes questions about home life, career, physical activity, and creative and spiritual expression.

In viewing the patient as a whole organism, which encompasses mind, body, and spirit, the practitioner is in a much better position to pinpoint the issues that are causing the current physical ailment. Upon discussion with the patient, they may identify a recent stressful career event as the culprit, or through examining the patient's diet, find a mineral deficiency. By examining the entire landscape of the patient's life, accurate and long-lasting healing is possible.

The Link to Healing Affirmations

Affirmations get to the core of a problem in the same way that a holistic doctor seeks to treat the person as a whole, not just suppress a symptom. Through several possible techniques the individual or their practitioner is able to really get to the root of the illness and develop the most appropriate affirmation to precisely address and resolve the symptom, as well as the underlying disturbances.

Some people may have a hard time believing that mere statements can actually change the physical state of a person. However, scientists have discovered that matter can actually be manipulated by thought and other outside factors. This area of study is called Quantum Physics.
Section 2. Quantum Physics and Your Health

Quantum Physics and Healing

Everything in existence is made up of matter, which is basically pure energy. This includes the human body, the chair you are sitting in and the food you eat. Essentially, at the most basic level, we are all the same, but the energy assumes different compositions that become the forms we know as common objects and people. Well, scientists have recently learned this energy can actually be manipulated by thought and intention, which of course holds monumental possibilities in many areas of science and health.

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How was quantum physics discovered?

Many brilliant scientists have contributed to the discovery and formulation of quantum theory. Among them were Max Planck and Albert Einstein. What began as an investigation into the different ways that atoms (then thought to be the smallest pieces of matter) behaved, depending on the frequency of light projected towards them, soon led to revolutionizing what we thought we knew about energy.

To simplify, scientists discovered "sub-atomic particles" called electrons. They found that these smaller particles inside the atom have the ability to exhibit different characteristics and behave differently, based on many factors. This accounts for certain experiments that have been conducted, where the outcome should have been the same every time, but was not. One fun and easy way to understand this concept is by watching the following animated video:

What does this have to do with healing?

Quantum theory shows us that no state is constant. Also, that the very state of matter can be manipulated upon its own prerogative and by elements outside of itself that can cause the particles to reconstitute themselves at will. This is very profound when it comes to health and wellness. Just as the electron particles in the video behaved differently when observed, focusing our attention in a concerted manner on our health can bring unexpected results. This is one of the reasons that affirmations are so powerful in allowing us to break through obstacles in our health, work, and relationships.

Section 3. The Law of Attraction and Healing

On a more metaphysical level, but still following the same basic principles of quantum theory, you have the law of attraction. This is a universal law that states "like attracts like." As humans, we hold and project specific thoughts and beliefs, which are often embedded in us from childhood. Based on an individual's belief pattern, they attract what they feel they deserve in life.

It is important to note that most people operate with some degree of "limiting beliefs". This means they harbor thoughts and beliefs that hinder them from attracting good things into their lives. The amazing thing is, people are often unaware of their role in this and will state that they feel they do everything in their power to get ahead. However, it requires that one is first conscious of their limiting beliefs before they can take action on removing them through affirmations and other means.

Let's take a look at some common limiting beliefs, and later, we'll apply this theory to health and wellness.

Common Limiting Beliefs/Thought Patterns
Scarcity Beliefs:

This thought pattern leads an individual to feel as if they will never have enough in life. This may include not having enough food, money, or a guaranteed place to live. This individual is constantly in agony over the amount of possessions he has and often replays a scenario where he expects to lose his job and hit rock bottom.

As can be expected, this creates a frantic, scurrying state of mind and does not allow for the infinite possibilities of abundance to enter his life. In fact, if a good opportunity presents itself, it is often overlooked, because the individual is in too much of a chaotic mental state to realize it.

Being Unworthy of Love:

This is a very common limiting belief, in which a person feels as if they are unlovable and will never experience a fulfilling relationship. This belief can manifest for a number of reasons. Often, it stems from growing up in a loveless or abusive household, which leaves a deep psychological and emotional scar. Also, an abusive relationship can strip away a person's self worth, as they begin to believe the demeaning insults of their partner. This belief can also manifest if a person sees all of their friends in relationships and they are single, or if they consider themselves an ugly duckling.

In this scenario, not only is the person internalizing a sense of unworthiness, they are most likely projecting the same energy to the world. When dealing with others, they will shy away from communicating and interacting in social settings, which in itself limits their possibilities. Also, because of their belief, they will not seek out potential partners for fear of rejection, which in their mind further confirms their inadequacy. This creates a sad cycle of loneliness and often deep depression.

Lack of Intelligence:

In this all too prevalent scenario, an individual holds the belief that they are inferior intellectually and thus limited in their potential in life. This belief may have been foisted upon them inadvertently by a parent who praised the academic prowess of a sibling or neighbor, more than their own. It could also be the result of an insensitive school teacher or administrator. The belief may be further reinforced by a guidance counselor who steers the individual more toward blue collar jobs, or dissuades them from attending university, or even an employer who constantly passes them up for promotion.

This belief can have a profound affect on a person for a number of reasons. It can affect whether they choose to pursue higher education, which then limits their exposure to beneficial knowledge, networking, and social situations. This also places a limit on their earning potential, as it limits the types of careers they are qualified for. This has a direct impact on the type of house they are able to purchase, whether or not they can afford a car and occasional vacations, and many more things. The likelihood that they will be in an unfulfilling career, which may require hard work for minimal pay, is greatly increased. Over time, this can have a debilitating affect on both the individual's physical and mental state.

Limiting Beliefs and Health

There are many more limiting beliefs that people suffer from. Some include having a victim mentality, feeling that nice people can never be successful, that vulnerability equals weakness, or that a safe career path is better, even if it stifles your creativity and dreams.

While on the surface, these beliefs may seem unrelated to health, they are actually profoundly linked to the overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. When asked by a skilled professional, many people who suffer from cancer, chronic illnesses, and other debilitating diseases can trace the source of their pain back to one or more beliefs or experiences that kept them from living life as they would have liked, or caused so much anger or emotional turmoil that the result was an ulcer or tumor. The body internalizes trauma, even if it is not bodily in nature. The hormones that are secreted and neurotransmitters that are activated in these situations have a direct impact on the development of chronic illness.

As we mentioned above, the mind and body are intrinsically linked. One cannot be healthy when the other is in turmoil. So when we have emotional blockages, this causes a change in our energy (quantum theory) and actually allows for the reconstitution of our body, breaks down the immune system and allows susceptibility to disease.

If the underlying issue can be dealt with, an individual has an increased chance of strengthening their body through the positive and healing energy they then emanate. Affirmations are a very effective way to release pain and trauma and make way for healing and abundance.

Food for Thought

Have you previously heard of any of the theories mentioned in thisarticle? If so, what was your opinion? Also, can you think of any time in your life where your thoughts may have had a direct impact on your health, career, or relationships? Take the time to think about these questions and jot down any thoughts or realizations that come to you.


It has been shown through pure observation, as well as scientific research, that the mind and body are linked. The thoughts and feelings we harbor have the potential to cause illness and, conversely, can help us to heal. By ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs, we can open the door to our highest potential in health and life.