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Student Testimonials

  • "Instructor was very good and helpful." -- Jody S.
  • "By having a writing assignment after every lesson, it reinforced what I learned because I had to say what I learned. " -- Cathy K.
  • "The whole presentation was engaging. The articles were helpful additions." -- Shelagh M.
  • "What was most helpful was the information on specific, applied techniques and not just general information. Really enjoyed the course!" -- Sharon B.
  • "The course as a whole was very helpful. Went over the basics and explained areas so they were understandable. Excellent instructor who was always willing to answer questions and responded quickly. Very knowledgeable. A good building block course." -- Alice C.
  • "I liked the healthy eating pyramid. Info on eating disorders and resources to check in to, the daily and weekly food journal. The instructor is very personable and I appreciated that. He would answer questions of mine when looking for further information on a particular subject." -- Jacqui M.
  • "I enjoyed this course and found it well planned out. Instructor responses were timely and encouraging. This course helped me organize my knowledge so I can put it to use." -- Maryann K.
  • "Wonderful! Always willing to help and engage with the students. Some of the links really helped reiterate what the course was talking about." -- Julie H.
  • "I needed to address my weight loss and received excellent information. I am now on the road to losing weight. Thank you so much! " -- Jan F.
  • "Great course, very helpful. Excellent instructor, always offering hope & help." -- Shirley P.
  • "Instructor was excellent. He always left positive comments, and was timely in grading my assignments and tests. What was most helpful was learning how to calculate BMI, understanding the difference with BMR. The many useful internet links were also very helpful." -- Arin C.
  • "Good detailed information withoug going over-board. Great friendly prompt instructor and will take more of his classes in the future." -- Sharon S.
  • "There was some very good information presented in this course. I enjoyed it." -- Cinnamon H.
  • "The content gave accurate and clear info on subject matter that is not publically discussed." -- Tamara W.
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Especially when the instructor answered personally during classes. I felt that I was really a student in a classroom." -- Darlene M.

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