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Student Testimonials

  • "Thank you very much for enjoyable learning experience - this course was very timely and important for me. I will be glad to refer other people to the same course." -- Oksana P.
  • "My experience with this class and instructor is very good." -- Devanshu D.
  • "The course was very informative, and the instructor was very positive in giving feedback about my assignments, tests results, etc." -- Melanie L.
  • "Having the instructor available if I had any questions was very helpful." -- Liz R.
  • "Excellent class and instructor was very helpful with email input." -- ELAINE C.
  • "The instructor was great and knowledgable." -- Maan Adel K.
  • "The way the course is setup very clear and easy to follow." -- Pamela P.
  • "I found that the techniques offered for stress relief was very helpful." -- Brigitte C.
  • "It is really help full in the real life. We can follow the material and follow the directions we can reduce the stress full situations everywhere." -- Roja P.
  • "I enjoyed the entire experience." -- Thomas R.
  • "Thank you for everything , I am very happy that I took this course." -- Jana V.
  • "I loved this course and it helped me so much with the stress I was feeling on a day to day basis. Lots of personal as well as work related stress going on in my life. Michelle was wonderful, always quick with the grading and also on answering any questions I had." -- Sally M.
  • "I enjoyed both the course material and fast grading by the instructor." -- Sarah K.
  • "I enjoyed every lesson!" -- Dorothy M.
  • "The Instructor was very helpful and nice. I found out a lot of useful information." -- Darlene D.
  • "It is very hard to narrow down the most helpful information and the least helpful information because what is good for me might not be relevant for the next. There were bits of information that I knew already and those, naturally, were the least helpful, and there were bits of information that I did not know, and those were the most helpful." -- Tonya S.
  • "Overall lots of good advice and the exercises for relaxation were great." -- Margaret M.
  • "Thanks for providing useful information about stress management." -- Tricia M.
  • "I enjoyed the break down of topics. I enjoyed examples and straight forward learning style. Pictures and illustrations. Font style for the text was adequate and easy to read." -- Florence F.
  • "I really liked the course and plan on sharing what I've learned with friends and family." -- Cheryl S.
  • "I loved it." -- Consuelo A.
  • "I liked the exercises section the best." -- Laura L.
  • "Instructor was professional and promptly time mannered in her responses. Great Job!!!" -- James B.
  • "I found most helpful was the content availability. It made it easier to study productively." -- Christian K.
  • "This whole course was very helpful to me!" -- Laura F.
  • "Thank you for putting this course out there, I really appreciate it." -- Matthew N.
  • "Everything was great." -- Deborah A.
  • "Stress Management made me look at things in a different perspective. I can use what I have learned for myself and my future clients." -- Nicole D.
  • "I loved the response time and the feed back on the lessons and exams. I need to let go and move on to other things when it comes to events that I have no control over. I worry way too much about this." -- Diane D.
  • "I thought it was a very helpful course and I was glad I took it. " -- Patricia G.
  • "The instructor was great. The lessons were on point. I learned A LOT and am grateful there are affordable classes on line that have substance and are relative to today's living. Keep up the good work." -- Dolores B.
  • "As I have a brain injury and have stress issues, some parts were spot on. " -- Michaela W.
  • "The information provided was helpful. Gave me multiple ways to resolve stress." -- Cheryl C.
  • "the content was excellent and the instructor's assistance was awesome." -- Carol W.
  • "Thank you. I feel better prepared to deal with stress." -- Kathy W.

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