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Course Description


Learn how to make your own soap in our self-paced online course.  If you've always wanted to try different soap-making recipes, create your own signature items for personal use, for gifts or for profit, or just learn about what goes into making a soap, this class is for you!
With or without any experience you will learn the foundations of soap making: the history behind the craft; basic melt and pour techniques, popular cold-process methods; how to create your own recipes (using a simple set formula); how to create signature soaps, basic aromatherapy, special soaps and what to do when your recipes need a little fine tuning.  
Best of all the course has video demonstrations of the soap-making techniques as well as photos, step-by-step instructions and your instructor will not only be grading quizzes and assignments but is available through our class email to answer questions.

"Handmade" things are springing up everywhere -- in stores, boutiques, as take out food and in health care items. People are returning to the retro feeling of "home made" from home decor to high end, custom embellished clothing to homey foods. Soap can be a big part of this retro trend. Take advantage of this marketing trend and profit from your tiny investment in this class.

Soap making is actually easy. The lessons provide recipes for soaps in several lessons. They have been tested. You can use them "as is" or, at completion of the course, feel confident about personalizing the recipes to make them your own. Included are marketing ideas to get you thinking about how to name, how to make them special with your package and styling and how to price them for both wholesale and retail applications.

Learn a new creative 'art'! Try Soap Making today!


Course Requirements

There are no special requirements just to take the course (except a high school reading level).  If you want to start mixing soaps as you work on the lessons, a list of supplies will be given during each lesson.

Course Goals

In this course you will learn:

-some history about soap making

-the basic ingredients and tools needed

-different soap making techniques

-step by step instructions on how to make soap

-some basic soap recipes

-several specialty and signature recipes

-some problems and answers to soap making

- some business soap making tips

Course Materials

Should you choose to make the soaps as indicated in the class assignments, you will need to purchase your own supplies to do so.

Grading Policy

Each lesson will include a practice assignment that will directly apply what you have learned.

Many of the lessons will also follow up with a review quiz that will highlight aspects of each lesson for you to note. Students will successfully complete this course with 70% or higher.

Course Outline


1.        Lesson 1: Soap Making History

2.        Lesson 2: The Science of Making Soap

3.        Lesson 3: Making Soaps: Basic Recipes

4.        Lesson 4: Signature Soap Recipe

5.        Lesson 5: Special Soaps

6.        Lesson 6: Problems with Making Soap

7.        Lesson 7: The Business of Selling Your Soaps


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Know soap making history.
  • Know the science of making soap.
  • Make soaps.
  • Know signature soap recipes.
  • Describe making special soaps.
  • Describe problems with making soap.
  • Know the business of selling your soaps, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
History of Soap Making10
Lesson 1: Assignment10
Lesson 1 Exam9
Soap Making100
Lesson 2: Assignment10
Lesson 2 Exam8
Making Soap100
Lesson 3 Exam8
Lesson 4: Assignment10
Lesson 4 Exam9
Glycerin-Based Soap100
Lesson 5: Assignment10
Lesson 5 Exam8
How to Fix Problems100
Lesson 6: Assignment20
Lesson 6 Exam9
Lesson 7 A: Assignment20
Lesson 7 B: Assignment10
Lesson 7 Exam9
Total Points:660

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