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Student Testimonials

  • "I enjoyed all parts." -- Carolyn A.
  • "This class explained more than 101, I now understand how helpful the basic terms are. Take Medical Terminology 101 and you will enjoy this class much more....Thank you again!!!! I always wanted to be a nurse and work in an ER.... I just never thought I was smart enough, but I can do it!!!! Thank you so much!" -- Karen S.
  • "The instructor was there when you needed to e-mail her, she would alwasy get back in touch in a timely manner....I thoroughly enjoyed this class." -- Donna J.
  • "It was a pleasure taking this class." -- Raymond M.
  • "The lessons were definitely the most helpful portion of the course." -- Haley R.
  • "It was what I needed at this time....I enjoyed doing this class at my own pace and having access to the dictionaries to help me with my understanding." -- Patricia H.
  • "...All I can say is its a great course...thanks for sharing ideas and learnings." -- Loraine S.
  • "The instructor always e-mailed me back promptly. I was impressed by the whole ordeal." -- Shelly G.
  • "As this was a new field of learning for me I found all parts of the course very helpful- and am hoping to put my experience to good use." -- Fay P.
  • "I found the Lessons to be most helpful going from The term Prefixes and Suffixes to the Actual Words and Definitions and then bringing the issues in." -- Abe D.
  • "I liked the Prefixes, Word Roots and Suffixes - it was fun and kinda challenging when I was taking the exams to figure out which was the right answer - I knew most of them but if I didn't I was breaking the word down." -- Lynn J.
  • "Great overall course!" -- Stacy S.
  • "What a great instructor!" -- EJIKE U.
  • "I enjoyed the organization of the class. The notes and lessons were very helpful and useful for me in completing this course. They were very easy to follow and read. I will definitely be keeping them for quick future references. I also used the message boards very often. Reading what my class mates and other students were saying and relaying to each other help me a lot." -- Emily H.
  • "Audio and video portion is very useful and easy to follow instructions." -- MD ALI H.
  • "The lessons were well structured and easy to read." -- Kirsten S.
  • "Great course, great experience for me!" -- Nasim G.
  • "The lessons - easy to read - well organized. I have them copied and in a folder for a resource I am sure to use often." -- Laurel S.
  • "Great instruction." -- Rene C. V. M.
  • "The overall organization made it easy to move between course materials" -- Dale S.
  • "It was a very beneficial learning experience." -- Sara O.
  • "I was very impressed not only with the course but also with the instructor I would take as many courses that she taught that are in my field I am taking another 5 courses with you right now and I wish that she was teaching them also, she responded to me answered all my questions would explain everything that I got incorrect, the whole course has taught me so much I am a biller without the certificate and these courses are great I have really learned so much that I didn't know in billing for over 20 years." -- Jena A.
  • "Great course! The instructor was very prompt at grading assignments." -- Cortney H.
  • "I have no medical experience and now I have a grasp on the terminology because of the material assignments and tests." -- Lisa G.
  • "Lessons were very helpful." -- David C.
  • "The lessons were most helpful. Well structured....This was a great overview of medical terminology, especially all of the disease/condition names and procedure names." -- Amy M.
  • "The instructor was excellent, very responsive." -- Debbie M.
  • "Class was very informative, teacher was very nice and available." -- Kristina S.
  • "For my level of medical terminology, the course was very helpful and easy to follow." -- Luzie Lira H.
  • "Great instructor, very helpful." -- Ashley R.
  • "Organization was great and covered what I needed to know." -- Kari U.
  • "This is a great course for and truly does not require. Although challenging without prior exposure medical terminology, the lessons are very clear and easy to understand." -- Cindi-Ann W.
  • "This was a great tool for review of past terminology courses." -- Stacey F.
  • "Instructor was very good... whenever I send reminder for grading and such she was right on it... much appreciated since I had a deadline to meet :-)" -- Michelle N.
  • "The entire course was helpful for me because I didn't know much of the content." -- Alina D.
  • "The information was presented in a clear and concise fashion." -- Carly E.
  • "The videos that accompanied the lessons were outstanding." -- James (Jim) B.
  • "The video tutoring was excellent for me." -- Rhonda C.
  • "What was most helpful was the videos with the medical terms spoken and showing the actual surgical procedures." -- Lisa Paige D.
  • "I loved the ability to review and re-review the information. And, I loved the ability to print out the info so I could do studying off line away from the computer." -- Karen Y.
  • "I liked the videos and all the links to various subjects." -- Mary D.
  • "Entire course helpful.. I found something different in each lesson." -- Barbara H.

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