Course Credits and References


Patricia Meador

Course Developer Patricia Meador (BS, M.Ed.) has over 30 years of experience as an educator, writer, and librarian. She has an impressive body of work that spans all genres and styles of writing. Ms. Meador is also experienced at writing academic papers, course curricula, articles, short stories, and grants. Her areas of expertise include education, medicine, law, psychology, sociology, and public health. She has also co-written text books about geography, sociology, and has updated portions of the DSM-5 encyclopedia.

Dana Kristan

Course Instructor

Dana Kristan, with a BA in Sociology and an MA in Public Policy and Education, is an experienced online writing instructor and avid writer, bringing over two decades of teaching expertise to her role. Her knowledge extends into special education, where she specializes in needs assessments and systematic instructional designs, ensuring her teaching methods meet diverse learner needs. Dana's background includes managing educational programs for adults with severe disabilities in New York City. Her interests are diverse, spanning writing, journaling, music, cultural studies, and history, all of which add depth and breadth to her professional and personal endeavors.