What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "This was a very helpful course; I would definitely recommend it to others as a great 'brush-up' of skills. A good sound explanation was given throughout lessons. I was extremely pleased with how quickly lessons and exams were graded." -- Patricia K.
  • "I learned a lot. My instructor was exceptionally helpful." -- Dragan V.
  • "I enjoyed this class and learned alot from it. Good Class! The instructor was great very prompt to answer emails. Will be taking another subject with UniversalClass very soon." -- Rita R.
  • "All of the lessons were helpful. This online course really made me feel like I was in a classroom. The instructor was great, and the lessons will motivate you to succeed." -- Renee B.
  • "Most helpful were The Mechanics of the Sentence and Introduction to Punctuation because it was an area I needed to work on." -- Robert C.
  • "Instructor was very helpful." -- Lisa M.
  • "This instructor is very smart and helped me get through a very difficult class." -- Lisa G.
  • "My instructor was very helpful and patient. She always got back to me right away!" -- Karin P.
  • "The instructor was very good, took time to help me and worked with me very well. The course was organized very well. Lessons were easy to understand and the assignments and exams followed what was in the lesson." -- Marlis W.
  • "I enjoyed all of the course from U.C." -- Loredana G.
  • "Great instructor. She answered my questions and was always available and prompt. Very knowledgeable. Nice job!" -- Karen B.
  • "The instructor is such a lovely woman! She wants to help in any way she can! I can't wait to take another one of her classes! :)" -- Rebecca E.
  • "Very knowledgeable and fast to return grades, etc. Lots of extra material was provided as online resources with easy to access links and lots of practice material." -- Dawn L.
  • "I found this course very helpful. I was born and raised in a non-English speaking country and never received any English lessons, ever. My biggest problem with the written English is sentence structure and punctuation. My instructor is wonderful, quick to respond to my e-mails with encouraging remarks." -- Hanna D.
  • "All the information was helpful, including the layouts and explanations. My instructor was fabulous. This is not an area of expertise for me. She understood and atta-girled me at every area that I tried." -- Doree A.
  • "I was surprised by the amount of information covered, but it was all relevant to me. It has been over 20 years since high school English class, so it was needed." -- Stacie D.
  • "I found this course to be a great review." -- Nancy A.