Course Syllabus


Course Description

Celtic mythology is a world unlike any you've ever discovered before. It is a place where gods are both dead and alive, where a parallel world lies over top of the world you live in every day, filled with mystical beings that can contact you whenever they please. The Celtic world was one of covens of ancient Druids who spent their entire lives memorizing the totality of Celtic lore in order to pass the knowledge from generation to generation. It was a place of grand celebrations and bloody wars, all of which became anchored in the Celtic mythology.

This course will take you from the mysterious rites of the Druids to meetings between the great Julius Caesar and the land he could not conquer, and back again. By the end you will have an entirely different view of what religion or mythology can be, and has been in the past. Meet devious gods and oppressive kings, learn about mighty conquests and the unconquerable Tuatha Dé Danann.

You will also learn about how Celtic mythology has lived on in the role of globally celebrated holidays, inspiration for some of the world's and history's greatest writers, and in newly founded religions that seek to tap into the ancient wisdom of the Celts. Learning about the Celts and their mythology is truly learning something new--it's a world unlike anything you've learned about before!

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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe Celtic worship.
  • Describe the Celtic gods.
  • Describe The People of the Goddess Danu.
  • Describe The Rennes Dindshenchas.
  • Describe The Lebor Gabala Erenn.
  • Summarize the art, iconography, and Celtic mythology today.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction 5 points
Celtic Worship 25 points
Lesson 1: Celtic Worship 10 points
Choose a Celtic God 25 points
Lesson 2: The Celtic Gods 9 points
Goddess Danu 25 points
Lesson 3: The People of the Goddess Danu 10 points
The Dindshenchas 25 points
Lesson 4: The Rennes Dendshenchas 10 points
Lebor Bagala Erenn 25 points
Lesson 5: The Lebor Gabala Erenn 9 points
Celtic Art 25 points
Lesson 6: Art and Iconography 10 points
Celtic Mythology Today 25 points
Lesson 7: Celtic Mythology Today 10 points
The Final Assignment 50 points
Lesson 8: Celtic Mythology and the World 10 points
The Final Exam 25 points
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