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Course Description

Delve into the Microscopic World: An All-Encompassing Guide to Microbiology

Unlock the captivating realm of microbiology with our all-inclusive online course that not only provides a deep dive into the subject but also rewards you with a CEU Certificate upon triumphant completion.

Microbiology has proven to be an unparalleled field, paving the way for immense breakthroughs that have enriched both our environment and human society. Those captivated by this intricate subject often find themselves at the forefront of thriving sectors like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical research, and forensics, to name a few.

Whether you're an ambitious individual envisioning a career in the vast domain of microbiology or an inquisitive spirit yearning to grasp the nuances of the world we inhabit, our Microbiology 101 is set to revolutionize your perspective.

Embark on an Enriching Journey Where You'll:

  • Dive into the rich tapestry of Microbiology’s history and familiarize yourself with its essential terminology.
  • Decode the chemical essence that underpins Microbiology.
  • Harness the power of microscopy to unveil microbial metabolism, cultivation, and growth.
  • Delve into the intricate realm of Microbial Genetics.
  • Understand the world of Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi.
  • Grasp the emergence of infectious diseases and unravel the marvels of the body's defense mechanisms.
  • Navigate through the intriguing intersections of Microbiology and Environmental studies.
  • And much, much more!

Course Layout Offers 29 Comprehensive Lessons, Including:

  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Composition & Chemical Basis of Microbiology
  • Unveiling Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  • Traversing through Microbial Genetics to DNA and Gene Expression
  • An In-depth Look at Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi
  • A Journey through the Body's Systems: From the Skin, Eyes, and Cardiovascular, to the Digestive and Reproductive Systems
  • The Grand Finale with Soil Microbiology and Aquatic Microbiology

Join hands with us on this mesmerizing voyage as we intricately dissect each facet of microbiology, promising you an academic experience par excellence.

Sign up for our course today and immerse yourself in the wonders of the microbial world. Whether you're planning to set foot in a lab, meet patients in a clinic, or simply satiate your curiosity, our course is designed to serve as your beacon, illuminating your path with knowledge and expertise.

  • Completely Online
  • Self-Paced
  • 6 Months to Complete
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Start Anytime
  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Android & iOS Friendly
  • Accredited CEUs
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define microbiology and microbiology terms
  • Summarize history of microbiology.
  • Define the chemical basis of microbiology.
  • Summarize prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
  • Describe microbial metabolism.
  • Describe microbial cultivation and growth.
  • Summarize microbial genetics and DNS and gene expression
  • Describe the bacteria.
  • Describe the viruses.
  • Identify the fungi, unicellular algae and the protozoa.
  • Summarize the host-parasite relationship.
  • Identify the development of infectious disease.
  • Describe role of microbiology in the eyes and skin.
  • Describe the role of microbiology in cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, respiratory systems, nervous systems, digestive systems.
  • Describe the role of microbiology in the reproductive systems and the immune systems.
  • Summarize soil microbiology.
  • Summarize aquatic microbiology.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Assignment 1: Introduction to Microbiology Assignment 25 points
Quiz 1: Introduction to Microbiology Exam 10 points
Quiz 2: Microbiology Terms Exam 10 points
Quiz 3: History of Microbiology Exam 10 points
Quiz 4: Composition Exam 10 points
Quiz 5: The Chemical Basis of Microbiology Exam 10 points
Quiz 6: Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes 10 points
Quiz 7: Microbial Metabolism Exam 10 points
Quiz 8: Microbial Cultivation and Growth Exam 10 points
Quiz 9: Microbial Genetics Exam 10 points
Quiz 10: DNA and Gene Expression Exam 10 points
Assignment 11: The Bacteria Assignment 25 points
Quiz 11: The Bacteria Exam 10 points
Quiz 12: The Viruses 10 points
Quiz 13: The Fungi Exam 10 points
Quiz 14: The Unicellular Algae Exam 10 points
Quiz 15: The Protozea Exam 10 points
Quiz 16: The Host-Parasite Relationship Exam 10 points
Quiz 17: The Development of Infectious Disease Exam 10 points
Quiz 18: Nonspecific Body Defense Exam 10 points
Quiz 19: The Skin Exam 10 points
Assignment 20: The Eyes Assignment 25 points
Quiz 21: The Eyes Exam 10 points
Quiz 21: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems Exam 10 points
Quiz 22: The Respiratory System Exam 10 points
Quiz 23: The Nervous System 10 points
Assignment 24: The Digestive System 25 points
Quiz 24: The Digestive System Exam 10 points
Quiz 25: The Reproductive System Exam 10 points
Quiz 26: The Immune System Exam 10 points
Quiz 27: Soil Microbiology Exam 10 points
Quiz 28: Aquatic Microbiology Exam 10 points
Quiz 29: Microbiology in the Environment and Us Exam 10 points
The Final Exam 85 points
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