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Course Syllabus: Adobe InDesign 101

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Course Description


Adobe InDesign CS6 is a page design program that allows you to design high quality brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, books and even pages for digital publishing such as those for the iPad and Kindle. InDesign gives you the power to do everything you need, from inserting and sizing graphics, adding text, creating interactive forms, and even packaging your work for a commercial printer. 

Adobe InDesign CS6 is the latest version to the Adobe InDesign software program. Along with new features that improve function and increase ease-of-use, it still contains the same features that made other versions so popular. 

This course was designed to walk you through the program step-by-step, teaching you what you need to know to gain a working knowledge of InDesign. Those who have never used InDesign before will walk away being able to create anything from a simple page to a book.   Those who are new to CS6 but have enjoyed InDesign in the past will learn the new features and how they incorporate and work with the other features they love and depend on.

You’ll learn:

·       How to create pages for books and documents. This includes digital publishing formats such as EPUB.

·       How to create interactive forms.

·       How to add, place, and resize graphics.

·       How to create text, import text, and work with text within a document.

·       How to use the new Alternate Layout feature to create several layouts for your document with just a click of a mouse.

·       How to draw shapes and use those shapes in your document.

·       How to use the new Content Collector tool to easily place multiple instances of the same content within a document – or within several documents. This is easier than copy and paste!

·       How to package your work for a commercial printer. This is very important, but very simple.

·       And much, much more!

Course Requirements

This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area but you should have the following:

- Adobe InDesign version CS4 - CS6(recommended) *
- a high school reading level.

No books will be required.
*students interested can download the free trial version of Adobe InDesign CS6 for this course.

Course Topics


Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6

Lesson 2: Creating and Viewing Documents

Lesson 3: Understanding Your Workspace

Lesson 4: Pages

Lesson 5: Working with Type

Lesson 6: Working with Graphics

Lesson 7: Formatting Objects

Lesson 8: Working with Color

Lesson 9: Points and Paths

Lesson 10: Managing and Transforming Objects

Lesson 11: Character and Paragraph Formatting

Lesson 12: Using Styles

Lesson 13: Tables

Lesson 14: Long and Interactive Documents

Lesson 15: Packaging and Printing

Course Materials

All course material will be provided in the lessons and netlinks. There are no required materials to purchase before taking the class. In order to fully benefit from this course, though, you do need access to Adobe InDesign.

Grading Policy

Each lesson will include a lesson review exam along with an assignment. Students will successfully complete this course by mastering all learning outcomes with 70% or higher overall grade.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe what Adobe InDesign is and how it can be used.
  • Demonstrate creating and viewing documents as well as navigating your workspace
  • Demonstrate page creation and working with type.
  • Demonstrate working with graphics and formatting objects.
  • Demonstrate working with color, points, and paths.
  • Demonstrate managing and transforming objects.
  • Demonstrate character and paragraph formatting and using styles.
  • Demonstrate table usage.
  • Long and Interactive Documents
  • Demonstrate packaging and printing with Adobe InDesign, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.
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Assessment Guide

Lesson 1 Assignment1
Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS610
Lesson 2 Assignment1
Lesson 2: Creating and Viewing Documents10
Lesson 3 Assignment1
Lesson 3: Understanding Your Workspace10
Lesson 4 Assignment1
Lesson 4: Pages10
Lesson 5 Assignment 1
Lesson 5: Working with Type10
Lesson 6 Assignment1
Lesson 6: Working with Graphics10
Lesson 7 Assignment1
Lesson 7: Formatting Objects10
Lesson 8 Assignment1
Lesson 8: Working with Color8
Lesson 9 Assignment1
Lesson 9: Points and Paths10
Lesson 10 Assignment1
Lesson 10: Managing and Transforming Objects10
Lesson 11 Assignment1
Lesson 11: Character and Paragraph Formatting10
Lesson 12 Assignment1
Lesson 12: Using Styles10
Lesson 13 Assignment1
Lesson 13: Tables10
Lesson 14 Assignment1
Lesson 14: Long and Interactive Documents10
Lesson 15 Assignment1
Lesson 15: Packaging and Printing9
The Final Exam70
Total Points:232
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