What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "I found this class to be really interesting and I learned a lot about mythology! It was fun learning about different myths." -- Elise C.
  • "I enjoyed working with my instructor Mac. He presents the lessons well, always leaves feedback, and always promptly answers questions." -- Kathy L.
  • "I enjoyed this course as it was great for those who were interested in learning Greek mythology but did not know where to begin, and I learned a lot with this course." -- Chelsea M.
  • "I found this course enlightening and challenging to say the least. I have learned so much about human condition and the way these myths have laid the groundwork for so much in our literary thinking." -- Bobbi M.
  • "Great course, plenty of interesting myths and great video discussion. I would recommend it - I learned so much! Good feedback too." -- Jennifer O.
  • "This course and the way it was presented for me was outstanding. I have taken many college classes and have had only two or three other instructors whom I would classify as fabulous. This class came to me at the most opportune time. I was able to move along at my pace, which given what was occurring in my life was a blessing. I was able to get another perspective on life's curve balls and go within instead of seeking without. And for this I will be forever grateful." -- Jenna V.
  • "Thank you for this interesting opportunity to delve into the world of Greek mythology. I had touched upon it in high school and read some stories on my own but I had not read about the Iliad or Trojan War in any detail like I had with the this course. The instructor made the subject engaging with examples and stories relating to the human condition." -- Mary anne G.
  • "I really liked the course. It was just the right level of difficulty. The lessons were all very informative and I learned a lot of new myths that I had not heard of before. Great class!" -- Virginia J.
  • "It was a great class, full of great stories and information." -- Sandra P.
  • "It is an amazing course and very informational." -- Jerry M.
  • "Very interesting class, smart and friendly instructor. It wasn't overly easy, and I really liked that. I learned A LOT in this class." -- Caroline S.
  • "I thought the assignments really made me learn an extra amount. They were fun, and challenging. I LOVED this class. I also could tell the teacher was very knowledgeable and always gave me a speedy return on grading, etc." -- Caroline S.
  • "The instructor has provided a very orgainzed and detailed course. The reading materials were interesting, but at times I did become a bit overwhelmed at all of the names of the ancient gods and goddesses and their relationships with one another and with the mortals. I appreciate your prompt responses to my email messages and your grading of the assignments and quizzes. This course should be rated with four stars. I have enjoyed my walk with you, even though it was "all Greek to me". I can only hope that you will offer more courses, such as Roman Mythology!!!" -- Sara H.
  • "Well done. You have inspired me and made a difference to my learning experience. Its course like this that inspire me to go forward in my personal study and achieve my personal goals." -- Chris M.
  • "A fantastic introduction to the myth's of ancient greece with a slight flavouring of Humanities subjects. Realistic expectations of work load with the chance to expand on the work and explore styles within and around the subject. A correct and non bias presentation of the facts of myths without becoming too narrow." -- Chris M.