Internet Opportunities Millionaires Recognize

Introduction: The most important opportunity in the quest for making millions is the Internet and its continual growth. Today you hear the term ioT or Internet of Things. It refers to all things being connected to the Internet between people, between people and things, and between things and things. A bit scary to think of the privacy issues, fraud, and cyber-attacks, yet exciting when you think of all the open opportunities for making money. Anything that puts you into direct contact with more people and their devices without cost, or little cost, is a treasure trove just waiting for you to figure it out.

The Internet leveled the playing field. It leveled the field between rich and poor, between nations, between the unknown and the known. Many companies have a head start, but now anyone can jump into the game. The opportunities are endless. With a bit of savvy and a product or service to sell, any individual can put up a store front and start a business. The only limitations are of your own mindset. You must be intentionally and continuously learning your way around the Internet and keeping up on all the advantages it offers. If you do nothing else in your path to making a million dollars, get comfortable with your computer and the Internet. Because it is always changing, with new programs and updates coming out every year, it requires you to be aware and keep up.

The Amazing Low Cost/High Payoff of Becoming a "Techie"

Millionaires, emerging millionaires, and every person or company who expects to make money is on the Internet. That phrase "on the Internet" does not mean you simply know how to turn on your computer and go to Google, or Explorer, or Bing and do a search. Working and doing business on the Internet is not difficult, but there are steps to take and these can be found in a search on the Internet at no cost. There are plenty of sites that offer free or minimal fees to set up a website to conduct your business or store. With a tablet and wi-fi connection, you are ready to start learning how the Internet can work for you.

This is one place where you need to think like a child. Jump in and figure it out. What have you got to lose if you do? You have much to lose if you don't. You lose opportunities. There are so many sites that have one-on-one help as you go along. They will "chat" with you over the Internet, and some even have a phone contact for personal help. Learning how to use the opportunities and set up a business online can be done independently or in a class. There are usually community colleges that offer classes to non-registered students at little, or no cost, to teach specific skills. YouTube is another great source for learning. Your skill needed here is to learn to search effectively; but have patience, and when you find good sites for learning, save them to your favorites, so you can find them again.

The payoff for getting "out there" on the broadband, or the wires that have maximum capacity to carry information, or on the cloud -- which is an organized space for storing information that is managed inside the maze of information being sent and received -- can be great. With a site that you have set up with search engine optimization SEO), people will find you. If you have a business that offers a solution to a problem, it will be found. People who need services, products, or information will type that need into the search engine and various websites will appear. The trick is to learn how to get yours to the top of the page. That would be another lesson you can find on YouTube. There is no lack of people who go online to tell you how to work on the Internet -- so take advantage of it.

The best part of having an Internet business is there's no cost for a brick and mortar store. You have no employees to pay, until you get too big to operate on your own; and then you might have to rent some warehouse space or hire a manufacturing company to ramp up production. This will take some money, so as you grow, be socking it away. Millionaires know this and arrive prepared. If your business takes off fast, you may have to borrow money or get an investor to jump in with you, in exchange for some equity in your business. Make sure you get all the facts and have written contracts that are looked at by a lawyer. This may take time and some expense, but in the long run, it may mean the difference between how much you will eventually net.

Set up your plan, write down the steps to your goals, and examine your characteristics daily. Are you ready for the hard work, the long day, and the focus to make good decisions in timely fashion? If you don't have your millionaire habits for success down, you need to step back and re-evaluate, now.

Think like a professional ball player:

Imagine the world laid out flat, like a football field. You are the quarterback and make the calls, but you have to work with others to make the goal. Who are these other people? They are those who help you learn your way around the Internet, improve you tech intelligence; they are your customers, your competitors, your manufacturers, your family, your friends, and your fans. Think about this – every quarterback has a plan. Every quarterback has a strategy for every play of every game. This is just football. Okay, it is a big business, but to the quarterback, it is a game of skill to get that ball down the field amid those who are working with him, and those who are working against him. The payment is for gains, not loses. The other team is working against him. Competitors, people who think he is crazy for what he is doing, people who want something for nothing -- all those are working against you. You know there will be walls of issues to break through or go around, so you develop a strategy, a plan. How much more is a plan needed in a business than a game? After every game there is a regrouping to adjust the plan, as needed, to reflect and watch the films of yesterday's actions, and little time to celebrate before getting ready for the next step of the target to win the division, and then the Super Bowl. Your Super Bowl is the million dollars.

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The Kansas City Royals baseball team has caused a sensation with the way they have managed their win this year. They worked hard, kept their focus amid injuries, family deaths and strong competition, and maintained the mindset that the team is family and they had each other's back in every way. Other athletic teams are examining this concept of building that "family" support. It makes a difference. Everybody needs to know who is with them, and who is not. Each person needs to know that if they have a problem, there is someone there to take over, who will work hard until you come back. There can be no competition inside the team. If you bring anyone to your team who is not willing to work as hard as you do, is not as focused on the goal, or who has a negative mindset, then your success is doubtful.

The Internet Option:

The Internet is not the only option for your business. You can license, rent a space, or create a portable shop, like a food truck. All of these have been done with success. The Internet is one option that is ready at little cost, a market already available to the world, and adaptable to most businesses.

A millionaire uses opportunity and that is what the Internet is. It is a huge opportunity that has been the base of support for many fast growing businesses. There are times that you have a niche product that is not needed in other places besides your backyard, but these are less likely to bring the growth or diversity needed to make you wealthy if that is where you are headed. Choose your goals and build your path.

Thinking like a millionaire requires the development of specific characteristics, changes in bad habits, and continuously learning, reflecting, and re-evaluating the path. It requires a plan, a target or goal, and a person who is willing to jump into the deep waters if necessary. Thinking like a millionaire means you know you don't have all the answers, but you will figure out how to find them. It means you persevere, when the going gets tough, and when you think you have pushed yourself as far as you can, you are willing to push harder. If you want to be a millionaire, or a billionaire, for that matter, you have to get your mindset established -- because there is no room for excuses. If you watch "Shark Tank," you have heard the investors ask the entrepreneurs how long it has taken them to get their product out to the public. When they say years, the "sharks" immediately lose faith in the person. A person whose mindset allows them to do nothing with a product for years is not the kind of person an investor wants to partner up with. It doesn't show the perseverance, the hard work, or the passion needed to create wealth.

A business that creates wealth must be nurtured, must be allowed to grow, and must be ready to try new and different things. There are forces, like those huge linebackers on a football team, waiting to destroy you -- and you may not see them coming. You have to be watching and ready every moment. Being ready means you are healthy, rested, on top of your work, following your plan, and learning continually. It is not for the faint of heart.

Summary: Thinking like a millionaire requires you to understand how the Internet provides opportunity, and how you can take advantage of that opportunity. It means you have to learn and discover. It costs time, not money. Thinking like a millionaire means you have to be ready for the bumps or mountains you come up against, and be creative in your strategies to get beyond them. You must continually foster the mindset, the passion, and the plan toward your goals. Until you have developed all the habits and they are second nature, you have to keep them in front of you and push yourself in every way.

Thinking like a millionaire means you are managing your Internet store and markets to their fullest potential. You meet often with your mentors and listen to them. You never stop learning and you stay on top of new technology, new programs available, updates, and your competition. A millionaire may have managers or specialists who work with him to improve the bottom line, but the millionaire is always aware of everything that is done and does not fail to learn from those specialists. He or she creates a team that is family and supports each other without fail; The understand the business, the costs, the expenditures and customers.

The Internet is here to stay. Its growth is phenomenal, its uses are incredible, and it has become the way of the world. The world is yours for the taking to do business with. The only thing stopping you is you. Examine your characteristics, develop your plan, set your goals, and go with your passion. Learn all you can about how to work on the Internet. You don't have to write programs, or totally understand them, but you have to know how to use them. Don't waste a minute. You can take the Internet with you wherever you go and not stop learning. Work hard, enjoy what you are about and keep your eyes and ears open.

Example: Jules and his wife, Anna traveled often in their car. Anna rarely drove and enjoy reading and using her tablet during the trip. Anna kept her stash of material in a bag just behind the driver seat, so she could turn, without too much effort, and find what she wanted. Still, Anna complained that the reaching not only required her to twist her trunk, but to bend and search through the bag. She stated more than once that somebody should come up with an invention that would solve her problem.

One day Jules was cleaning out the car and thought about Anna's problem. He went to the store and purchased one of those utility bags that hang on the back of the front seats to put things in. He cut a slit in both sides and stitched up the top of the bag. He put Velcro on the slits to keep them closed but also easily opened. He put two paperback books in one side, the tablet and a crossword puzzle book in the other. He got into the passenger front seat and reached his arm back, easily opened the Velcro and felt for the book he wanted. Then he reached the other way with the other arm. It worked. Then he put one behind the driver's seat so she could store more. The body twist was negligible and it provided more storage that was easily accessed from the passenger's side of the car.

Anna was thrilled and told him he should patent it and make them to sell. He wondered about that so went to a local manufacturer and asked their help to come up with a prototype. Then Jules was able to figure the cost to make compared to the net profit. He filed for a patent for a carrier that had slits only in the sides with closures of both Velcro and zippers, thinking people might prefer the zipper. He went back to the manufacturer and had him make 20 that Jules passed around to friends, who evaluated them. Jules took their comments, made some adjustments to the product and began a search for a cheaper manufacturer. He also looked into licensing, and what kind of money he might make going that way.

Consider this:

1. How many times have you heard people say, "I wish somebody would invent something to solve my problem?" Start now to take note and begin to write these down in a spiral notebook.

2. The more people who have the problem, the more customers there will be for you. If you come up with a "niche," product it means the customer base is small and the product will create less money.

3. Millionaires don't stop looking for ways to solve problems, just because they have one product. They continue to be creative and explore the possibilities.

4. Technology will be part of the path to wealth. You need to embrace it and make it work for you.

5. There are no boundaries on the Internet. The only boundaries are the ones you set up for yourself, so stop where you are, and change your habits.