Course Credits and References


Dave Scarbrough

Course Instructor Dave Scarbrough (BA in Personnel Management, BA in Social Work) is a passionate, spiritual and caring instructor who has studied multi-dimensional healing and Reiki for over 15 years. He has been a certified Reiki Master Teacher for over 10 years and has mastered several variations of traditional Usui Reiki. Additionally, Mr. Scarbrough has several years experience as a tarot reader for various spiritual groups and has done numerous workshops in Reiki, Spiritual Relationships, Mayan Calendar, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Affirmations.

Bret Staples

Course Editor Dr. Bret Staples (BA, MS, Ph.D.) is a highly motivated, personable scientific professional with multiple college degrees and a successful 34-year track record of scientific research and publications. After completing his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland, he became a research chemist for the US Department of Energy. Dr. Staples has authored professional papers in scientific journals and reviewed other scientists’ publications and has performed scientific research in solution chemistry. Dr. Staples is extraordinarily talented in proofreading and editing journal publications, online course curriculum, as well as a strong knack for quickly mastering technology – using and programming computers since 1964.