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Student Testimonials

  • "It was a fun course to take and not too difficult." -- Dawn L.
  • "The instructor was very nice." -- Issac D.
  • "The whole course was helpful.. The instructor was very helpful and helped me a great deal." -- Marlis W.
  • "I thought all parts were helpful because I was a horrible speller and now I'm great." -- Brandon G.
  • "Thank you, this has been a great help." -- Rita M.
  • "Excellent!" -- Pamela T.
  • "The fact that it is self-paced and online is the very best thing because of my busy schedule. I took another course from this same instructor and I like the way things are set up." -- Suzanna S.
  • "What was most helpful was learning to spell words that I haven't seen in a while." -- Karen D.
  • "It helped me with words that were spelled differently but sounded the same." -- George B.
  • "It was amazing that words I thought I knew how to spell were sometimes very difficult to distinguish in the spelling tests. I read a lot and thought I was a good speller. When I got back the test results, the ones I got wrong were....really!" -- Chris R.

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