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Course Description

Speedwriting is for anyone out there who needs to write faster. You may be a student struggling frantically to make sense of the lectures that you attend, but your method of taking notes only seems to capture about one-third of the material that is provided, and when it comes time to take the exam, you find that you are not well-prepared. Or perhaps, as a student, whether high school, or a Ph.D. candidate, you need to write a paper, you need to do it fast, but you have to make sure you aren't in danger of plagiarizing the material that you used in your research. Or, maybe you're a writer, and you need to write or rewrite articles faster, or you have to get a bigger project written--a thesis, dissertation, or book--and fast. How do you do it?

This Speedwriting Course will answer all of these questions, helping you toward your academic and professional goals. You will learn the techniques that the masters use when it comes to capturing information that is provided in the form of a lecture or presentation. You will also learn how to take notes that will provide the necessary information, help you write your paper fast, and in your own words. So why not join us today?



Course Requirements

There are no educational requirements for taking this course other than a high school reading and writing level in English. All course information will be given online so there are no required books or other materials to purchase.

Course Topics


Lesson 1: Need For Speedwriting

Lesson 2: Elements of Speedwriting in Taking Notes

Lesson 3: Writing Techniques for Speed

Lesson 4: Mind-Mapping, 12:4:2

Lesson 5: Outlining and Blueprinting for Speed

Lesson 6: Dictation and Transcription

Lesson 7: Self-Esteem and Writing

Lesson 8: Speedwriting for Short Assignments

Lesson 9: Speedwriting Techniques for a Bigger Project

Lesson 10: Goal Setting

Lesson 11: Secrets to Speedwriting Success

Course Materials

All course materials are provided within the course lessons.

Grading Policy

90 - 100 % = A
80 - 89 % = B
70 - 79 % = C
Below 70 = F

Each lesson will be followed with a related exam and assignment so students can test comprehension of lesson material.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the need for speedwriting.
  • Know elements of speedwriting in taking notes.
  • Define writing techniques for speed.
  • Describe mind-mapping techniques and how to apply them to increasing your speed.
  • Identify outlining and blueprinting techniques to increase speed.
  • Know methods to use for speedwriting on short assignments.
  • Describe speedwriting techniques for a bigger project.
  • Know secrets to speedwriting success, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction1
Lesson 1 Exam9
Lesson 2 Assignment25
Lesson 2 Exam9
Lesson 3 Exam8
Lesson 4 Exam10
Lesson 5 Assignment25
Lesson 5 Exam9
Lesson 6 Assignment25
Lesson 6 Exam10
Lesson 7 Exam9
Lesson 8 Assignment25
Lesson 8 Exam8
Lesson 9 Exam10
Lesson 10 Assignment25
Lesson 10 Exam10
Lesson 11 Exam10
The Final Exam42
Total Points:270

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