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Student Testimonials

  • "Thank you. It was a pleasure." -- Robin F.
  • "All of it was very useful. I would like try my hand at owning and renting a property. The course was very interesting and the instructor was great." -- Helen C.
  • "Enjoyed the videos and Tests.. Great refrence Websites!!" -- Matthew T.
  • "I loved how the video pretty much matched the text. I am more of a visual learner than just reading." -- Shane N.
  • "My course instructor was excellent." -- Bryan S.
  • "I absolutely enjoyed this course. I felt that the reading material was easy to read and understand. My husband and I have purchased a couples of 3 flat buildings. I feel that the course has been very helpful, I have learned a lot by taking this course. Now the knowledge that I have gained by taking this course will be helpful to us in being landlords." -- Doris C.
  • "The class was a great experience for me and I am glad that they have schools like this to help people." -- Jonathan P.
  • "The total scope of the course and what would be involved in becoming a Property Manager was most helpful. It emphasized the many areas you would have to know to be successful. The course was very useful and the instructor was encouraging. " -- Blair W.
  • "Good course and instructor." -- Leonard Q.
  • "Many of the marketing ideas were great and some were immediately useful to me." -- Tommy H.
  • "I have no complaints." -- Dinorah G.
  • "I think the whole course was helpful. It covered a wide range of topics. I really liked the way it was presented. Very clear. " -- Aldarico D.
  • "This course is great for people who are looking forward to become property managers. I have learned a lot and the instructor's feedback on my assignments also helped me to understand better as well." -- Dora P.
  • "I am very interested in real estate, and the information in lessons 1-12 were all very helpful. When you are learning something new it's all important. Thank You Very Much." -- Emmitt M.
  • "Very good course and instructive. " -- Manfredt C.
  • "I found that being able to have a video along with the text about the course very helpful." -- Beverly K.
  • "The entire class was very helpful." -- Deven H.
  • "I enjoyed the videos. I would read the material myself the first time, then I would play the video the second time through." -- Gary D.