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Student Testimonials

  • "The material that was provided was very helpful, because I understand anatomy and physiology alot better. I have tried taking this course before in a classroom, and I could not get the understanding of anatomy and physiology, because it was very fast paced...The material provided is awesome. Most of all I can understand the material, and how anatomy and physiology relates and works together." -- Tamakia M.
  • "I liked the way the course built from the basic building blocks up to the complex various systems. It was a good progression and it was important to start out very basic because I did not have any background before going into this class." -- Diane M.
  • "Thank you once again for all you help, time, energy and wisdom! I will be forever grateful for this terrific learning experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -- Ami A.
  • "These courses I took were great because I don't have much time with work to got to school. I could take my time doing the courses I took...and it was such a wonderful laid out course." -- Georgina K.
  • "I found every lesson very helpful. All the lessons were broken down to layman's term to better understand each part associated with it....This course was an excellent learning experience for me. I never studied anatomy and physiolgy in school so it was a challenge for me. I enjoyed the feedback by the instructors who seem very knowledgeable." -- Michael I.
  • "Great job!" -- Jason A.
  • "I thought the course was well-organized....Excellent course!" -- Linda B.
  • "What was most helpful were the class lessons, as one has a clear picyure of what is then expected of you." -- Maja S.
  • "I found the whole course was helpful. It is very interesting on how we are structured and how the systems work. Picture examples and highlighted, clickable areas were great. Writing in essay forms, really make you think harder and picture how A&P work....Thank you for the great literature, as it will be used everyday. I am moving right along as a surgical tech. I hope to use the Universal Class again in the future. Thank You." -- Tina M.
  • "I found the picutures to be most helpful to me. I am a visual learner so to have the explanation and the picture right in front of me was great." -- Marissa R.
  • "Don't change a thing." -- Philip Z.
  • "All the assignments were helpful. They provided the key information to grasping the material....The instructor graded the assigments and quizzes in a timely fashion. Her comments were always helpful in clarifying the material." -- Louise B.
  • "The information in the lessons was broken down and explained very well....Thank you so much, you have been a wonderful instructor!!!!" -- Karen S.
  • "I appreciated the course and in general it has been a good experience encouraging me to pursue other correspondence classes." -- Alanak K.
  • "The only reason that I said easy for the course is that i have taken anatomy a number of times before, but without a CEU option. Please know that the whole course was helpful. The content was described in a way that was easy to understand and to digest. The terminology was not too much but it was used enough that i got comfortable with it....It was great, thank you very much." -- Allie C.
  • "I found most helpful the essays, cause I really had to focus more." -- April D.
  • "The outline of each discussion was well thought out." -- Beverly B.
  • "Generally, I thought the course was a very good overview of the human body and gave me a good background of information." -- Martin B.
  • "She is a wonderful teacher and she lets you know where you messed up to remember it later when you need it." -- Crystal B.
  • "The material was comprehensive and covered all the subjects I needed." -- Cherry G.
  • "I liked the over all experiance but it was good to see the links to other web pages to see their explanation on the subject." -- Dan A.
  • "The amount of information included was almost overwhelming while not being scary to attempt at the same time." -- Wendell W.
  • "The lesson content was very helpful." -- Debbie R.
  • "Thank you for instruction." -- Elana D.
  • "I thought that the rapid response to class assignments was excellent....The instructor was very good!" -- Gail R.
  • "I liked the freedom of the course. I thought that the class was way harder than I thought it was going to be. It made me read and also I liked that it was broke down so you could understand it....It was well worth my time and money." -- Jonathan A.
  • "All contents of this course are helpful not only to my career but most specially to my interest of knowing the human body, how it works and what is it made up of....First, allow me to say thanks for sharing to me your knowledge. This course is so helpful." -- Samia T.
  • "Everything was helpful as it gives everything one needs to know about the workings of the body." -- Anna H.
  • "Instructor seemed great. Thanks." -- Jeffrey S.
  • "The convenience of taking the course in my pajamas at home. I learn best when there is no pressure to take it all in at once. ...The instructor was great at responding promptly. I learned a lot, without some of the pressure that can sometimes be involved in classroom learning. " -- Joan F.
  • "The entire course was extremely helpful. All the assignment were well put together." -- Joan P.
  • "I loved the experience." -- Karla K.
  • "I have really enjoyed this class. I only have the internet at work is why it took me so long to complete. Thank you again for this class." -- Lettie B.
  • "This was a good course to do, gained great experience." -- Mark C.
  • "The extra online information was very helpful along with the course material....I thought the course was good and the instuctor was accessible and knowlegeable in the subject." -- Diana I.
  • "I found the content to be condensed into a meaningful summary that was quick and easy to absorb and apply....The instructor was extremely conscientious in grading quickly and getting back to me when I had questions. The grading system was fair and provided good feedback." -- Michelle P.
  • "All parts of the course were helpful. This is a very good introductory course to anatomy. A more advanced course would include much more physiology....Overall, the classes were very good and the instructors were very knowledgable about their subjects. I intend on taking other classes with UC and these instructors, if they are instructing a class that interests me." -- Monique G.
  • "The whole course content is very well organized and presented in a very simple way." -- Nanjappa B.
  • "Great!" -- Nancy H.
  • "To me the most helpful parts of this course was physiology, as I didn't know exactly how different systems in the body work. Also terminology was helpful to me....I had very good experience with instructors, as they were always fast with grading my exams and assignments." -- Sharka G.
  • "I liked how the different systems were broken out into separate lessons. The diagrams were always very useful for supplementing the text....The response time was outstanding! I always got quick feedback on my scores for all of the exams and assignments." -- Stacy C.
  • "I really appreciated that the instructor responded to my assignments, exams & the one question I asked so quickly! This was really a good experience, and I look forward to starting another class soon." -- Susan S.
  • "I found the overall organization and learning the major systems and the function of the major systems very helpful. The recommended books were extremely useful. I found that between the Unit review notes offered by Universal and the Anatomy books recommended by Universal, I was able to gain a better understanding of the body structure and how the body functions. Since I plan to make an administrative career change from general office support to office support in medicine and possibly billing and coding. The online class was nice, if I had enrolled at the local community college, I would have been required to enroll for credits classes and therefore take placement tests. At this stage of my work experience, it is a total waste of my time. Thank you for offering a very thorough program....Thoroughly enjoyed the process. The instructor was really great in keeping up w/ the questions I submitted and responded promptly, within a day or two as was noted in the syllabus as the response time." -- Sandi T.
  • "I thought all parts of this course was helpful and interesting." -- Casey M.
  • "What was most helpful was understanding all the systems of the body. Now I have a greater understanding of how the body functions and can relate to it with a much greater depth. It was very informative espectially the cardiac, nervous and endocrine system. I found the cells and basic chemistry very informative." -- Eva A.
  • "The instructor was great getting back to me when I e-mailed her. Thank you." -- Wendy M.

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