What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "I thought that this course was very informative. I liked the fact that I was challenged because that means that I was learning new things about the American Government. This course was very well done. Thank you." -- Sarah M.
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable in the class material. Helped with any questions I might have. I'm glad the class was available and I learned alot about the course material." -- Lance D.
  • "He is amazing and glad I got the opportunity to take his course. I will look for other courses offered by him." -- Anna D.
  • "Really enjoyed Mr. McKenna. His lecture were the best part of each session. I love to hear his opinion and thought provoking questions. He really draws you into the subject matter. He has broadened my horizons!" -- Carolyn G.
  • "The course instructor was always available and provided excellent feedback on all my assignments. And the lessons were always interesting." -- Steven C.
  • "The instructor was extremely helpful, prompt with responding to all completed assignments, and thought provoking with questions and comments relating to the submitted material." -- Sally K.
  • "The instructor is awesome. I get my scores back quickly and positive feedback is always included." -- Michael W.
  • "The professor is very knowledgeable in the subject." -- Gamal G.
  • "The instructor was helpful, enthusiastic, and provided quick feedback for my efforts." -- Judith J.
  • "One could not have a better instructor." -- John D.
  • "Great feedback. It was always very prompt." -- Dustin J.
  • "This instructor is excellent." -- Judy R.
  • "This was fantastic! Very user friendly and informative. Just fantastic thanks! Terrific job, I look forward to taking more classes!" -- Madison T.
  • "There was a good mixture of historical background and how things work in the present day. This gave me an understanding of the basis of government without being confused as to how it translated into modern-day. " -- Rebekah H.
  • "Course is great!" -- Marcus M.
  • "Clearly written text." -- Christine Y.