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Testimonials for Sensitivity Training in the Workplace

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Student Testimonials

  • "Very useful!" -- Jerry G.
  • "I think the multi-faceted approach of essays and multiple choice questions was a real help to me....Would definitely do it again and encourage others to do so." -- Carl M.
  • "The instructor was great!" -- Hanna S.
  • "It provided me insight into how the world thinks about all of these topics." -- Stuart B.
  • "All helpful....Good stuff! All helpful" -- Kyle B.
  • "I very much liked the way the material was provided. It provided great insight for each topic without making me read more than needed to learn about it. Each lesson was to the point and allowed for easy reading and kept my attention." -- Rob B.
  • "The instructor was very on point and teaching comments informative to the lesson, very kind and encouraging. All of it is helpful for my now job." -- Sofia S.
  • "I loved having the videos, links, and access to the printed material." -- John R.
  • "All of the lessons were helpful." -- Diane D.
  • "The video presentation was great." -- David P.
  • "This course was an enhancement to my career and personal life. It changed my thinking about diversity. The entire course was helpful for me. I work in a male dominated field and I can see why they think they way they do." -- Joan M.
  • "Good lessons!" -- Cynthia S.
  • "Thank you, it had lots of great facts." -- Alexander C.
  • "I found the readings at the beginning of each lesson most helpful." -- Grayson S.
  • "Good instructor." -- Christina B.
  • "The material was extremely helpful combined with the videos. Very thorough coverage of all applicable areas." -- Eileen H.
  • "The instructor returned grades very timely. I felt that the Disabilities/Gender/Cultural Differences sections were very informative." -- Grayce A.
  • "The course made me reflect on my behaviors and actions and how they were perceived by other people around me." -- Waymon M.
  • "Very easy to use." -- Sandy A.
  • "Thank you for all the knowledge that was spread to myself and my colleagues. It actually gave me a chance to evaluate my entire approach to everyday work life." -- Jesse F.
  • "Besides the class information, the links were great." -- Ella T.


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