What Students Are Saying...


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Student Testimonials

  • "I enjoyed the course. I had no knowledge of Reiki beforehand so I didn't have an expectation. The more I learned the more I understood." -- Heather W.
  • "Course was very good and mostly easy to follow. Overall I feel pretty confident that this course has giving me direction into my possible career." -- Tina A.
  • "This course was very helpful. It provided me with alot of information that I was not aware of. I feel very prepared and comfortable performing Reiki 1." -- Shannon C.
  • "I've heard about Reiki but never seriously considered delving into the practice. Now that I'm on the cusp of a new meridian in my life, retirement and of course, living through the pandemic, it seems that learning how to channel one's energy is much more vital to physical and emotional well-being." -- Jacalyn G.
  • "I very much enjoyed this course - excellent instructor who marked very quickly. Although I won't be going forward with Reiki, I would definitely do other courses by the same instructor." -- Heather S.
  • "Hello hello! I am soo excited to finally finish the course I alredy practiced Reiki for many years on myself intuitively and the course helped me to undertand many things about reiki and the important of this type of healing, I love the course and everything about it!" -- Leidy O.
  • "It was very helpful and enjoyed it -- looking forward to Reiki 2." -- Sheila G.
  • "I really enjoyed this course and plan to continue with Reiki 2." -- Deborah L.
  • "To the instructor: Thank you for answering my emails. I found your course excellent and I am taking another one of your courses this week." -- Terry P.
  • "I liked the instructor, he contacts you immediately about any concerns you address to him." -- Mary B.
  • "This is a great class. I've wanted to learn reiki for a while and couldn't take a formal class due to my busy schedule (I'm a single, working mother). Being able to log in early in the morning or late at night to look at my lessons and to do coursework was invaluable. If I couldn't have taken this course online, I wouldn't have been able to take it at all. I feel a sense of accomplishment! The video links contributed a lot to my understanding of the course. The accessibility of the instructor was very helpful too. He emailed me back with questions I had with thoughtful, helpful responses that contributed to my mastery of the subject." -- Avril M.
  • "Loved the entire course, loved the combination of practical and theoretical." -- Syl L.
  • "I found all the parts of this course helpful. The course was awsome as well as the instructor." -- Terrilynne C.
  • "Thanks to the instructor, I have a great experience with Reiki. This is wonderful and unforgettable. Excellent!" -- Cindylu F.
  • "All of it was very helpful. " -- Joanne W.