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Course Syllabus: How To Quit Smoking

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Course Description

This course will provide you with information on how to quit smoking without smoking cessation aids, also known as Nicotine Replacement Therapies (nicotine gum, the patch, etc.) This course does not provide any miracles and cannot guarantee your success - that is solely up to you. I hope this course will educate you so you can be successful! We will discuss nicotine addiction, health risks of smoking, reasons for quitting, where to find support, what you need to do to quit and how to avoid relapses.

Course Goals

Understanding why you smoke, why you need to quit, how to quit and how to stay nicotine free are the four main areas we will cover in this course. As always, the only goal for this course is to help you successfully quit smoking.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1 Nicotine Addition In this lesson we will learn about Nicotine Addiction and why people smoke. Understanding why you smoke is crucial in successfully quitting.

Lesson 2 Health Risks This lesson will cover all the health risks associated with smoking.

Lesson 3 Why Quit? In this lesson we will apply what we have learned from Lesson 2 and discover all the reasons why we want to quit and use that to motivate us.

Lesson 4 - Get Support - This lesson will provide quit smoking support resources.

Lesson 5 Quitting This lesson will cover many different aspects of quitting and teach ways to successfully quit.

Lesson 6 Avoiding Relapse This lesson will cover how to get through the cravings and how to avoid relapse.

Course Materials

A notebook and writing utensil or a word processor may be needed.

Grading Policy

A = 100 - 90
B = 89 - 80
C = 79 - 70
D = 69 - 60
F = 59 - Below

Certificates for Excellence, Outstanding Achievement, Appreciation, Merit, and Class Participation will be issued to qualifying students.


This class is for informational purposes only. It cannot be substituted for any state, government, licensing, or educational requirements. The instructor is not a physician. This course is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between you and your doctor. Do not rely upon any information at this site to replace individual consultations with your doctor or other qualified health care provider. How successful you are in quitting smoking is entirely up to you, and the instructor makes no guarantees on your success.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe nicotine addiction.
  • Describe health risks.
  • Describe advantages to quitting.
  • Know how to get support.
  • Describe the process of quitting.
  • Know methods to avoid relapse, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Lesson 1 Assignment: Reason for Joining10
Lesson 1 Exam: Addiction24
Lesson 2 Assignment: Health Risks10
Lesson 2 Exam: Health Risks6
Lesson 3 Assignment: Why Quit?20
Lesson 3A Assignment: Journal100
Lesson 3B Assignment: Required Reading 50
Lesson 3 Exam: Required Reading3
Lesson 3 Exam: Why Quit?5
Lesson 4 Assignment: Finding Support 10
Lesson 5 Assignment: Make A Plan50
Lesson 5 Exam: Quitting6
Lesson 6 Assignment: Avoiding Relapse10
Lesson 6 Exam: Avoiding Relapse9
Total Points:313

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