Course Credits and References


Donna Barratt

Course Developer Donna Barratt (BS, MS) is a professional writer and educator with over 35 years of teaching experience. She has also been a successful administrator and director of education in a large organization. She has written professional development curriculum for several top education companies and has several years experience writing and developing business plans, grants, and training materials for both individuals and large groups. 

Dr. Deirdre Mithaug

Course Instructor
Dr. Deirdre Mithaug is an esteemed educator and expert in psychology, cognition, sociology, special education, and teacher education. With a BA in Psychology, dual Master's degrees, and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Disorders and Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, her academic credentials are impressive. Dr. Mithaug has a rich background in teaching and consulting at the college level, particularly in special education and education policy. Her practical experience includes roles as a special education teacher in NYC schools and an Associate Professor at St. John's University. She is also a prolific writer and researcher, focusing on special education, social psychology, and the study of disabilities, contributing significantly to both academic discourse and practical advancements in these fields.