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Student Testimonials

  • "I think the instructor was great....she answered my questions and has been patient in waiting for the pictures. I found the reading material helpful as well as the videos." -- Sandra R.
  • "I found all parts of the course very helpful, as it was easy to understand more about icing, fondants...storage of cakes...also the links were a great guideline in finding what I need to....You're a great instructor! :)" -- Sheri S.
  • "This whole course was very helpful to me, I really did enjoy the whole course, I learned so much, taking this class and I do plan on enrolling in another one just as soon as I complete this course." -- Vanessa J.
  • "Having my instructor on hand at all times to help was great. Great fun great instructor, wish I'd done it earlier." -- Nikki W.
  • "Every part was extremely helpful to a novice like myself." -- Sue A.
  • "The whole course was very helpful for me. It was very detailed and easy to follow." -- Staci C.
  • "I really enjoyed the course it gave me loads of web sites that I have saved on my computer and can always refer to. The instructor was great...I found it most helpful that I could send photo's of the work that I completed. It was great to show my work rather than just explain it." -- Lorraine H.
  • "I enjoyed this class and will probably take another one in the future. It was fun and informative." -- Linda F.
  • "Learning about Buttercream icing which I had never used before was most helpful. And I find that since learning about the butter cream I have used it a number of times. A brilliant course, very informative." -- Pamela B.
  • "I liked it, great info!" -- Adam G.
  • "Happy so far with everything." -- Stephanie D.
  • "I loved this Course Cake Decorating 101!" -- Edsal B.
  • "Everything was helpful, but one of the most helpful things were royal icing." -- Morgan M.
  • "All of the course was very helpful, loved the course." -- Debbie B.
  • "I liked the course and I enjoyed it." -- ISABEL S.
  • "Thank you. Really enjoyed doing assignments." -- Sarah H.
  • "Overall a great course and would do it again." -- Sam M.
  • "All of this course was extremely helpful and interesting and I have learned so much. I really enjoyed it. I have used a lot of the recipes for cakes and tested out some of the different ways of making decorations for the cakes. I found this course was brilliant and the best thing was that I could do it from home when I had the time to do it in-between working and kids, etc." -- Sarah Y.
  • "I took this course to learn more about decorating cakes and I learned more than I had ever expected to. This is a great course!" -- Anna S.
  • "Enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot. Thank you very much." -- Carolyn G.

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