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Course Description

Have you ever had a greasy puddle of icing on your cake plate? By the end of Cake Decorating 101, you'll be assured this will never happen to one of your cakes. Cake decorating is not just buttercream anymore.  It is the final packaging everyone sees first and should entice people to imagine the texture and flavor of what lies beneath the icing.

Why do you want to learn to make great cakes?

  1. An upcoming wedding (you've seen what a purchased wedding cake can cost)  
  2. Did you agree to be a "classroom mother" and want to make special cakes for the holidays or specific units?
  3. Is there a baker in the family you're dying to out-do?  
  4. Are you looking for the appeal offered by more traditional domestic skills?
  5. Are you hoping to enter a local or regional baking competition?
  6. Are you thinking of baking to earn some extra dough?
  7. Is your organization looking for new fundraising opportunities like an upper scale cake walk, perhaps?

These are only a few of the reasons that may have attracted you to this course. However, whatever your motives may be, here are the skills you can look forward to gaining in the following lessons:

  • Equipment, utensils, tools and preparations
  • The basics of cake-baking: decorating techniques, planning and designing your cake, lining your tines, and more
  • Working with Marzipan, Icing, Glaze and Filling Choices
  • Decorating your cake with butter cream icing
  • Decorating your cake with royal icing
  • How to make and use a piping bag
  • Decorating with Sugar Flowers (and Other Gum Paste Creations)
  • Making and Decorating Wedding Cakes
  • Creating decorative children's cakes
  • Holiday and celebration cakes
  • Theme Cakes
  • Beloved Cupcakes
  • And More Cake and frosting recipes to express your creativity


With practice and patience, cake decorating can be learned. This exclusive course starts you out with the basics from designing your work space, cake baking, decorating tools, prepping a cake for decorating and many tips of the trade to help you create delectable cakes, icings and fillings. You'll learn the importance of texture and the temperament of icings, how to avoid cake catastrophes, ways to fix them and still keep your cake looking perfect.

Whether you're looking to start a cake decorating business or just make cakes for family and friends, Cake Decorating 101 will teach you all you need to know to turn out professionally decorated cakes. You'll develop techniques practiced by professional cake decorators such as applying buttercream icing, how to make a rose, level a cake, pour ganache and master a piping bag.

From breath taking designs to whimsy, all the latest cake decorating trends are disclosed, with instructions and ideas about how to bake and decorate the darlings of the cake world, finger licking cupcakes.

Course Requirements

No previous experience is required but you should know how to work around hot stove tops, and know how to use an oven. In addition, you'll need kitchen supplies--most you probably already own. We will present a shopping list in the first few lessons.

Course Topics


Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2 : Cake Decorating Tools and Work Space

Lesson 3 : Planning and Designing Your Cake

Lesson 4: The 411 on Cake Baking Basics

Lesson 5: Basic Cake Decorating Recipes

Lesson 6 : Icing, Glaze and Filling Choices

Lesson 7: Decorating with Butter Cream Icing

Lesson 8: Decorating with Royal Icing

Lesson 9: The Scary Piping Bag

Lesson 10: Decorating with Sugar Flowers (And Other Gum Paste Creations)

Lesson 11 : Fruits, Flowers, Fun and Fancy

Lesson 12 : Wedding Cakes

Lesson 13: Decorative Children's Cakes

Lesson 14: Holiday and Celebration Cakes

Lesson 15: Cool Theme Cakes

Lesson 16 : Beloved Cupcakes

Lesson 17 : Express Your Creativity

Lesson 18: Some More Cake & Frosting Recipes

Grading Policy

While this course is for information purposes, I will grade your work based on any digital pictures you can send me of your progress, or if a camera is unavailble for your use, you may alternatively type a description of procedures performed and your state your success and familiarity with lesson topics covered.


It is always dangerous working with hot ovens, stoves, knives, and kitchen equipment. You must know how to cook safely before attempting to do the lessons in this course.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the tools and workspace needed to decorate a cake.
  • Describe how to plan and design a cake.
  • Know the best cake decorating recipes.
  • Describe icing, glazing and filling techniques.
  • Demonstrate decorating cakes with butter cream icing.
  • Demonstrate decorating cakes with royal icing.
  • Demonstrate creating cake decorations using a piping bag.
  • Know methods used to decorate cakes with gum paste.
  • Describe procedures involved in decorating wedding cakes, children's cakes, holiday and celebration cakes, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction5
Lesson 1 Assignment: Gathering Basic Supplies to begin Baking a Cake100
Lesson 2 Assignment: Cake Decorating tools and Creating your Cake Decorating Workspace5
Lesson 2 : Cake Decorating Tools and Work Space9
Lesson 3 Assignment: Make Yourself Some Quick Reference Cards5
Lesson 3 : Planning and Designing Your Cake8
Lesson 4 Assignment: Try Baking and Decorating a Cake25
Lesson 5 Assignment: Prepare a 2 Layer Box Cake25
Lesson 5 : Planning and Designing9
Lesson 6 Assignment: Practice Working with Fondant25
Lesson 6 : Icing, Glaze and Filling Choices9
Lesson 7 Assignment: Working with ButterCream Icing25
Lesson 8 Assignment: Working with Royal Icing25
Lesson 9 Assignment: Practicing Making a Pastry Bag10
Lesson 9: The Scary Piping Bag7
Lesson 10 Assignment: Working with Flowers10
Lesson 11 Assignment: Practice Making Leafs10
Lesson 11 : Fruits, Flowers, Fun and Fancy9
Lesson 12 Assignment: Cake Decorating Expertise10
Lesson 12 : Wedding Cakes9
Lesson 13 Assignment: Making Children's Cakes25
Lesson 14 Assignment: Decorating a Holiday Cake25
Lesson 15 Assignment: Making Memories25
Lesson 15 : Cool Theme Cakes10
Lesson 16 Assignment: Make Some Cupcakes25
Lesson 16 : Beloved Cupcakes9
New Things100
Lesson 17 Assignment: Ganache Decorations25
Lesson 17 : Express Your Creativity8
Final Assignment100
Total Points:692

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