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Student Testimonials

  • "It was pretty easy to navigate throughout the course." -- Rebekah C.
  • "What was most helpful were the clear and concise directions on how to help an animal while injured or sick." -- Cortney S.
  • "My Instructor is wonderful! She was extremely available throughout the course and super fast to respond to any questions and comments!" -- Stephanie P.
  • "I enjoyed it very much. It was very helpful to me and added reinforcement to my volunteer service at our local Rehab Center. Thanks again." -- Judi R.
  • "Nice job!" -- Julia T.
  • "All of the information in this course was extremely helpful to me and will be for others....This course was full of amazing information and the instructor was very hands on. She always got my grade information on my assignments back to within 2 days of completion no matter how busy she was." -- Kelly A.
  • "It was a good overall course." -- Jacqui E.
  • "The instructor sure knows what she's talking about when it comes to wildlife rehabilitation." -- Natalie R.
  • "I found all parts of this course extremely helpful at all times and thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. Thank you very much. This course was wonderful." -- Carolyn B.
  • "The course was really helpful and the instructor was very nice. I'll have to take another class here some day." -- Joseph S.
  • "It broadened my view and knowledge on the topic, which is the reason I signed up for it." -- Terri N.
  • "Very useful course - I learned a LOT!" -- Carol W.