Online Class: PowerPoint 2016

Rich lesson documentation, detailed illustrations, and full HD Video will help you learn all the functions of PowerPoint 2016 in this online course.

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Course Description

PowerPoint 2016 is a presentation creator that can be used to create stunning slideshows and basic videos.  It can also be used to create slide presentations, handouts, transparencies, and much more.  While creating presentations using some programs can be complicated, Microsoft makes using PowerPoint easy by taking advantage of the Office Ribbon and easy-to-use tools. 

This course will teach you the skills need to successfully use PowerPoint 2016.   Each lesson contains step-by-step instructions and explanations to show you how to create a presentation from start to finish using the tools PowerPoint has available.   Rich lesson documentation, detailed illustrations, and full HD Video will help you learn all the functions of PowerPoint. You don't need previous experience with PowerPoint to be able to complete this course.  This course will start with basic skills, then move forward to more advanced features and techniques.
With this course, you'll learn how to...
  • Navigate the PowerPoint 2016 interface
  • Create new presentations from scratch – or by using beautiful templates
  • Add text, pictures, sounds, movies, and charts to your presentations
  • Format the objects that you add to your presentations
  • Design slides using themes, colors, and special effects
  • Animate objects on slides to bring them to life.
  • Add special effects to slide transitions to spice up your presentations
  • Work with Master Slides to make editing your presentation easy
  • Set up slide shows and rehearse timings for your slides
  • Collaborate easier than before using PowerPoint 2016.
  • And much more!
You do not need access to PowerPoint 2016 to successfully complete this course.  However, it is highly recommended.
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Course Lessons

Average Lesson Rating:
4.3 / 5 Stars (Average Rating)
"Extraordinarily Helpful"
(2,059 votes)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint 2016 is a presentation creator that can be used to create stunning slideshows and basic videos. It can also be used to create slide presentations, handouts, transparencies, and much more. Additional lesson topics: Teach Yourself VISUALLY PowerPoint Teach Yourself VISUALLY Tech 9 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video
  • Lesson discussions: Reasons for Taking this Course
  • Complete: Assignment 1
  • Assessment: Exam 1

Lesson 2: Introduction to Presentations

If you’ve used PowerPoint before, this will be a review for you. However, for new users, this will be a very valuable lesson that will make the rest of the course easier to understand. Additional lesson topics: Open PowerPoint or PowerPoint presentations in PowerPoint or earlier; PowerPoint for Mac review: New interface and features make PowerPoint pleasant 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 2
  • Assessment: Exam 2

Lesson 3: Applying Themes and Layouts to Slides

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about selecting themes and layouts to apply to your slides. Additional lesson topics: Apply or change a slide layout; Create or change slide layouts in PowerPoint for Mac; Customize and save a theme in PowerPoint for Mac; Use vertical slide view for your presentation 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 3
  • Assessment: Exam 3

Lesson 4: Working with Objects

In this lesson, we are going to give you an overview of working with objects in your presentation. We will learn how to add objects in the upcoming lessons. Additional lesson topics: Group or ungroup shapes, pictures, or other objects; Animate text and objects in PowerPoint for Mac 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 4
  • Assessment: Exam 4

Lesson 5: Entering, Editing, and Formatting Text

Whenever you enter text onto a slide in PowerPoint, you enter it into a text object that’s already created for you in slide layouts – or into a text box that you create yourself. Additional lesson topics: Add, edit, or delete comments in a presentation; Animate a word on a slide in PowerPoint for Mac; How to Edit an Object's Text in PowerPoint 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 5
  • Assessment: Exam 5

Lesson 6: Working in Outline View

Most presentations that are created are composed of slide after slide of bulleted lists. For presentations like these, the Outline View makes it easier for you to focus on your points and subpoints. Additional lesson topics: Choose the right view for the task in PowerPoint; Create and print a presentation in Outline view 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 6
  • Assessment: Exam 6

Lesson 7: Proofing Presentations

With all this talk about text in presentations, it’s also important to learn how to proof your presentations for typos and other types of errors. PowerPoint 2016 offers you three tools to do this: Spell Check, the thesaurus, and AutoCorrect. Additional lesson topics: Add or remove protection in your document, workbook, or presentation; Proofing Your Presentations 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 7
  • Assessment: Exam 7

Lesson 8: Notes

You can use notes to write down what you need to say during the presentation or even use notes as reminders for things you need to add, subtract, or edit on your slides. Additional lesson topics: Notes Pane in PowerPoint ; Add speaker notes to your slides; Print slides, handouts, notes, outline in PowerPoint for Mac 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 8
  • Assessment: Exam 8

Lesson 9: Inserting Pictures, Graphics, Shapes, and Other Things

Anytime you want to insert anything into your presentation, whether it’s a picture, hyperlink, or graphic, chances are good you’ll find the appropriate button under the Insert tab. Additional lesson topics: Add a picture as a slide background; How to use picture placeholders for easy placement and cropping in PowerPoint 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 9 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 9
  • Assessment: Exam 9

Lesson 10: Inserting Tables into Presentations

Tables are simply a grid arranged into columns and rows. You can use tables to do complex page layout operations that almost rival expensive professional publishing programs like Adobe InDesign. Additional lesson topics: Add a table to a slide; Add or delete rows or columns in a table in PowerPoint and Word for Mac 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 10 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 10
  • Assessment: Exam 10

Lesson 11: Charts and SmartArt

SmartArt is a quick and convenient way to create a visual representation of the information in your presentation. Additional lesson topics: Create an organization chart using SmartArt Graphics; Change the hanging layout of your organizational chart in Office for Mac 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 11 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 11
  • Assessment: Exam 11

Lesson 12: Adding Sound and Video

Now that you know how to put together and design a presentation, it’s time to learn how to add audio and video. Additional lesson topics: Add audio to your presentation; Add a video to your PowerPoint for Mac presentation; Powerpoint 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 12 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 12
  • Assessment: Exam 12

Lesson 13: Adding Transitions and Animation

In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to add transitions and animations to your slides. Additional lesson topics: Apply an animation effect to text or objects; Add or remove transitions between slides 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 13 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 13
  • Assessment: Exam 13

Lesson 14: Master Slides

Masters control every little aspect of the slide’s appearance, from background color, objects that you want to appear on every slide, and text that you want to appear on every slide. Additional lesson topics: Modify a slide master in PowerPoint for Mac 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 14 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 14
  • Assessment: Exam 14

Lesson 15: Printing and Running Slide Shows

Now that you’ve created your presentation, it’s time to get it ready to share with others – then to present it to the people who want or need to see it. Additional lesson topics: Print your handouts, notes, or slides 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 15 Video
  • Complete: Assignment 15
  • Assessment: Exam 15

Lesson 16: Saving, Sharing, and Exporting Presentations

In this lesson, we’re going to discuss the different ways to share and collaborate. Additional lesson topics: Save and share a presentation to OneDrive; PowerPoint Mac print multiple slides per page; Share or co-author a presentation in PowerPoint for Mac; Share your PowerPoint presentation with others 51 Total Points
  • Lesson 16 Video
  • Lesson discussions: End of Course Poll; Course Comments; Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Complete: Assignment 16
  • Assessment: Exam 16
  • Assessment: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify what makes up a presentation.
  • Demonstrate applying themes and layouts to slides.
  • Demonstrate working with objects.
  • Summarize entering, editing, and formatting text.
  • Describe working in outline view.
  • Describe inserting pictures, graphics, shapes, and other things.
  • Demonstrate inserting tables into presentations.
  • Demonstrate adding sound and video.
  • Describe adding transitions and animation.
  • Demonstrate printing and running slide shows.
  • Demonstrate saving, sharing, and exporting presentations.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Course Title: PowerPoint 2016
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Lessons Rating: 4.3 / 5 Stars (2,059 votes)
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Student Testimonials

  • "The course was helpful and user friendly. I have practiced and did the assignments to prepare me for the test. Hopefully my stage fright will be hidden by a SHOW STOPPER PRESENTATION." -- Sandy B.
  • "I had used PP for years and learned a lot in this course." -- Netonya B.
  • "This course was very helpful." -- Michael M.
  • "I enjoyed the whole class." -- Mark B.
  • "All of it was extraordinarily helpful. Thank you." -- Lance Y.
  • "The presentation making was great." -- Lori J.