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Student Testimonials

  • "Course was an nice overview of Astronomy. I plan on taking more advanced courses in Astronomy immediately. The recommended book "Nightwatch" is excellent." -- James M.
  • "All areas of this interesting course....I enjoyed this course and the interesting way in which it was presented by the instructor," -- Naomi M.
  • "Everything was explained well and clear....I wish to contiue my studing with Universal class." -- Naser N.
  • "I thought the course and instructor exceptional." -- Warren R.
  • "What was most helpful were the lessons. They were very organized and easy to follow....I loved taking this course and definitely I will take another one." -- Carlos P.
  • "What was most helpful was how everything was laid out." -- Jessica R.
  • "the essays / writings" -- Dolin H.
  • "The format of the course was well organized and kept my interest. For me the lesson assignments were very interesting, challenging and extremely educational. I learned a great deal from doing the assignments and that really connected me to the course and doing the research was very interesting, looking up the various subjects and topics." -- Mike D.
  • "I have been a part of many online courses by far this was the best. The instructor was quick in answering my questions." -- Kelly G.
  • "Content of the last lesson was most helpful. The reference material on all lessons was helpful....Enjoyable, well worth the time." -- Robert L.
  • "Happy with course." -- Troy S.
  • "The instructor for this class was timely and efficient in his reply and criticism was positive and appreciated." -- G Mark M.
  • "Thanks for listening to me. I am considering a physics course as well as a math course. The prices are just about right and fit in with my desire to get back on board on some math and physics skills I have let drop over the past fifty or sixty years (g)." -- Dave R.

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