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Student Testimonials

  • "The entire course was an enlightening and positive experience for me. The lessons contained many interesting facts that I had never learned in school. Not only did I refresh my mind of forgotten information but I learned about events and people who were so famous in the struggle for independence. Just a wonderful online course!" -- Sara H.
  • "It was exciting to me especially since we live in the area where many of the battles took place. At an interstate rest area, I was elated to see a large historical marker indicating that Wilhelm von Steuben's home and gravesite was three miles from the rest stop along with an explanation of his role in the Revolutionary War, which, of course, I knew, as a result of this great course....Loved it... Loved it... The instructor was great and the course gave me great knowledge I did not have before." -- Don C.
  • "The lessons were wonderful. The video clips and supplemental links were great....GREAT." -- Jessica H.
  • "I liked miniclips they added nice touch to the material. Exams were really good, not too hard nor too easy. Nice balance....I think the course was well thought out. Feedback to assignments and exams did not take long time, which was great." -- Liisi L.
  • "The instructor was very encouraging. I know a lot of people falter taking on-line classes but his promptness in grading and his comments helped propel me through all four of my classes under him. The instructor had been to the places and could share additional information or direct students to find more information if needed." -- Diane K.
  • "I thought that my instructor was one of the best instructors that I have ever had." -- Robert P.
  • "Mr. McKenna was a fantastic instructor; he was positive and encouraging and he allowed the student to develop her own opinion of many subjects. I really appreciated being able to have an instructor who I could contact and who was genuinely interested in the course. Also, the maps, documents, and mini-movies were extremely helpful!" -- Leah B.
  • "Good Stuff!!" -- Kyle B.
  • "The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and he was very helpful. It increased my knowledge of the American Revolution. Knowledge I knew but was refreshed and explained." -- Dale R.
  • "This is an amazing course and the instructor is friendly and helpful. The assignments were very thought provoking and I found them very helpful and a fun exercise." -- Brenon W.
  • "I have taken several classes with Mac and I have never been disappointed. His responses and questions are interesting and challenging. I appreciate him very much." -- Mary R.
  • "The Instructor was always there when you wanted to him to explain something that I didn't understand" -- Florence S.
  • "Exceptional instructor, EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Always available to engage in discussion about the material." -- Melody B.
  • "Mac as usual, was on top of his game. He gave extra explanation when I was struggling with a topic. He knows how to slide you in the right direction when you're headed down the wrong path. He's amazing!" -- Pat R.
  • "The instructor for this course is great! It really feels like he actually reads and truthfully grades my assignments which is fantastic and he also provides great feedback! Really feel like I have to try for the grade which is great." -- Kira M.

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