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Student Testimonials

  • "I found that the content that was asked on an exam was discussed and memorable within the material. The material was organized in a way that built upon the next topic for understanding the whole. I enjoyed not only the material, but the style of teaching in this course. For that I appreciate the course." -- Vicki T.
  • "I really learned a lot and I truly enjoyed the course." -- Rubye W.
  • "An extremely informative course." -- Doris Z.
  • "I found Dave to be very informative and extremely helpful in answering my questions. I look forward to taking the reiki hand positions and his master reiki class. Even though I am a Reiki Master, I found the information in this course to be invaluable. I learned so much from taking this course that I will use in my reiki practice." -- Judy W.
  • "Very quick to respond, very fair in marking." -- Pamela G.
  • "The information was presented in an orderly fashion, making it easier to follow along in a logical manner. Very satisfied with the course." -- Gloria C.
  • "Loved the entire course, loved the combination of practical and theoretical." -- Syl L.
  • "All of it was very helpful. " -- Joanne W.
  • "To the instructor: Thank you for answering my emails. I found your course excellent and I am taking another one of your courses this week." -- Terry P.
  • "I liked the instructor, he contacts you immediately about any concerns you address to him." -- Mary B.
  • "This is a great class. I've wanted to learn reiki for a while and couldn't take a formal class due to my busy schedule (I'm a single, working mother). Being able to log in early in the morning or late at night to look at my lessons and to do coursework was invaluable. If I couldn't have taken this course online, I wouldn't have been able to take it at all. I feel a sense of accomplishment! The video links contributed a lot to my understanding of the course. The accessibility of the instructor was very helpful too. He emailed me back with questions I had with thoughtful, helpful responses that contributed to my mastery of the subject." -- Avril M.
  • "I found all the parts of this course helpful. The course was awsome as well as the instructor." -- Terrilynne C.
  • "Thanks to the instructor, I have a great experience with Reiki. This is wonderful and unforgettable. Excellent!" -- Cindylu F.
  • "All aspects of this course is very helpful.How detailed the history, info on the Reiki symbols, the hand positions, very well explained." -- Sigrid F.
  • "The course was solid." -- Paula G.
  • "The teacher was always available and helpful." -- Josie H.
  • "Fantastic instructor!! Always available...corrected my assignments and exams immediately. Also answered my emails immediately. Each Lesson's content was thorough and the "passion" for reiki was evident. The instructor was amazing." -- Rebecca S.
  • "This was a very informative class. I learned not only the process of Reiki, but the history behind it as well. The instructor was extremely helpful in both his comments and in answering emails. It was ALL helpful. The way that information was presented was extremely helpful and made it easier to remember." -- Debra N.
  • "This is the first class I have taken online. It was a good experience and worth the time and effort I put into it. I chose Reiki 1 & 2 because I had talked to people who had wonderful Reiki experiences and I wanted to learn more and I did." -- Dorothy B.
  • "Enjoyed the video presentations as well as course content." -- Deborah P.
  • "The whole layout of the course was excellent and easy to follow! Reiki Level I & II was a very informative and enlightening course. I learned more in this online course than the course I took in person in my hometown. I was very pleased with the instructor. He is prompt in grading the tests, responding to emails, and providing immediate feedback." -- Erlinda S.
  • "I found that the instructor was very good about grading in a very timely fashion. The lessons, exams and assignments all worked well together to ensure that I understood each lesson." -- Susan S.
  • "Everything was helpful. My instructor was very knowledgeable in Reiki, but more importantly, he was very kind and patient. He truly is here for us to learn." -- Rose A.
  • "Its hard to pinpoint 1 thing but I think the videos were great. Dave is a very knowledgeable, pleasant, patient Reiki Master." -- Donna M.
  • "All of it without exception. Reikidave is wonderful, and he put plenty of interactive material into the class lessons, I found this invaluable." -- Karina M.
  • "The lessons were great! The assignments were fun, interesting, knowledgeable, I learned a lot!!" -- Lisa C.
  • "I would recommend Universal Class to a friend who couldn't get to an in-person Reiki master like myself. The learning has been invaluable!" -- Thomas P.


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