Brian Pringle

Course Developer

Brian Pringle (BS, MA) holds several networking, computer programming, database administration, systems management, and analytics certifications and has been a technology expert for over 20 years.  Brian holds degrees in Mathematics Education, Computer and Electrical Engineering, and has a Master's degree in Adult and Higher Education with a concentration in Computer Science (specifically in online/hybrid technology education).

He is an excellent communicator and has an incredible ability to explain complex computer programming and technology concepts into easily understandable steps that all students (regardless of technical background) can follow.  He is passionate about technology education.  His online technical lectures are quite frankly, mesmerizing to watch!


Jennifer Marsh

Course Developer Jennifer Marsh (BS) is a talented application developer and programmer with over 14 years experience in development and design. She is proficient in various programming languages and frameworks including MVC, C#, WCF, PHP, T-SQL, VB.NET, jQuery/Ajax, LINQ, JavaScript, SOAP APIs, and XML. She also has 12 years experience in SQL Server database design and stored procedures. She has worked for several companies as a senior developer and engineer and is a regular contributor in the webmaster SEO support forums.

Joseph Gohl

Course Instructor With over 25 years experience in programming applications in nearly every language available, there just isn't a programming problem I haven't yet encountered or couldn't easily solve with enough persistence--or at the very least, provide a clever work around. Anything is possible! Particularly with programming software. With a liberal arts background and graduate work in Computing, Technology, and Education, I'm in a unique position to help bridge the gap for non-technical users to understand programming and technology without getting too heavy-handed in the tech jargon.