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Student Testimonials

  • "This teacher is excellent. She sounds like a wonderful person to know. The course was very well presented. Your E-mails were always answered....This is a wonderful class and the teacher is great and a knowledgeable expert." -- Linda C.
  • "The instructtor was very efficient and was there to answer any questions you had in a fast time frame." -- william H.
  • "Was very happy with everything, have already talked about taking next course and talked to my husband about taking courses as well." -- Dwanda G.
  • "The course gave me a broad overview and a very solid foundation for further study....I felt the course was well prepared and professionally presented. Thank you!" -- Dave D.
  • "The instructor was great and I would like to attend another course taught by her." -- Ricardo C.
  • "This course was terrific. Not too mmany people offer this kind of course and related instrustionon this topic. Thank you to all who put it together." -- Nancy C.
  • "The instructor was very prompt in responding the the assignments." -- John R. G.
  • "She was a pleasure to have as an instructor and always answered questions and provided good feedback." -- Jen S.
  • "I found all parts of this course very helpful....I found this course very interesting and I know my instructor was there to answer any questions if I needed her. I was very pleased." -- Elizabeth C.
  • "Great." -- David B.
  • "What was most helpful was the advice on how to conduct interviews with potential clients." -- Tracy L.
  • "The parts of this course that I found were most helpful were the in depth lessons, and of course the email....The instructor was very nice and very helpful. She answered all of my questions in a very timely fashion." -- Chantel G.
  • "The instructor was great and always there if you needed her." -- Brenda P.
  • "I think the overall package is very good in this kind of work you are learning all the time and any body who makes a statement saying they know it all is very foolish, right from the start you have to know what you are doing courses 5 and 6 really brings it home to you just how professional you have to be....This has been a very good experience and I am very pleased to have taken it." -- Dave K.
  • "I had taken the TAPS course at ULL in Lafayette, La. Your course was so much better I am very impressed." -- Dagmar W.
  • "I enjoyed this course. All assignments where marked quickly and efficiently. " -- David B.
  • "I found the course extremely helpful. I enjoyed this course, and would take more courses in the future." -- Dennis R.
  • "Great instructor and course...." -- Divan S.
  • "The instructor always promtly answered emails and graded the exams. She was also encouraging." -- ehrin N.
  • "I found this couse instructional, informative, and more than I bargained for. So, must be a bargain! :-) Really, me and my wife are ready to help some people. And this will only be more knowledge, that possibly I can share in the future!" -- Scott F.
  • "The whole thing was real helpful to me because I have conducted paranormal investagations before like going to a haunted site. Never investagated someone's home so I finally know how to do it. I already have someone who wants me to help them but I learned in the lessons not to do it solo....I really enjoyed this course and had a LOT of fun reading it. Thank you very much :)" -- Frank G.
  • "What was most helpful was the use of both verbal (sound) and visual (on screen reading) as well as the ability to save copies of the text. Different forms of teaching make the material more likely to "stick"....Enjoyed it thoroughly." -- Frank T.
  • "You're awsome, keep me informed on any new classes that you may teach reguarding the paranormal." -- Matthew C.
  • "All parts of the course were very helpful as they built up to the final lesson and assignments. The most helpful to me was the final assignment after Lesson 6 to try to contact paranormal research groups in my location. I did, and two responded back to me....The instructor was very helpful and her comments were very encouraging. I plan to take her next class in paranormal studies." -- Nora S.
  • "The instructor was always alvailable to answer any question. She was a great instructor." -- Heather G.
  • "All of the course was helpful. I learned a little bit more each day." -- Hope G.
  • "The course was really fun and the instructor was very nice." -- Eugenia L.
  • "I found every aspect of this course helpful." -- Jennifer R.
  • "Everything was very, very helpful in all of the lesson plans. " -- Heather K.
  • "Great class can't wait for the next, thanks." -- Kathy N.
  • "Great course, but nobody knows all the answers." -- Leon R.
  • "What was most helpf was all the knowledge that the teacher had and explained for us as a class, in precise details. Also all the weblinks she had provided for us to do our research and learn from....The instructor was so nice, and very helpful. I would definitely take other classes from her again. Also the students were all very nice and friendly. I got a positive vibe the entire time I took the class. I'm sad that it's over." -- Lori M.
  • "I really liked the way it was layed out and would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the paranormal." -- Tamara T.
  • "I realise it is a basic course and I was delighted to take it, I have learned a few good tips and they will certainly help. Thank you all." -- Marie-Laure N.
  • "First off, the glossary helped lay a few doubts to rest. How to conduct the investigation phase professionally was also very insightful and I thoroughy enjoyed the nitty gritty of that....Very enjoyable. This was my first online course as far as I can remember and I couldn't have picked a better topic and instructor. Gained a lot of knowledge and know-how over the last few weeks and I hope to put it all to good use at some point in the future!" -- Mark O.
  • "As the first online course I have ever completed I found all the information easy to access and readliy available....Brilliant course, great Instrutor, what more can I say." -- Neville G.
  • "The instructor was great! really available kind respectful and replied really fast! thank you : )" -- Gabriela E.
  • "Hope that this instructor will head another class on the Paranormal." -- Bernadette R.
  • "Very Pleased with the instructor and promptness on grading material...I would highly recommend this class to my friends." -- Robert B.
  • "It was all helpful but I would say the class forum was the most helpful because you got different opinions from others." -- Scott A.
  • "What was most helpful was the protcols and procedures helped me develop my own procedures for my team....Thanks for the positve comments!" -- Alkinoos K.
  • "I enjoyed the class completely!" -- Shari F.
  • "I found all of the parts very helpful, and would recommend this course to anyone....Was a great learning tool. Thank you." -- Terri H.
  • "I thought the most helpful part of this class was the practical approach to a subject that is traditionally not practical....It was a good class and my instructor was good about returning emails and generally helpful." -- Lorie S.
  • "What was most helpful was the parts about performing investigations and the step-by-step instructions....The instructor was great!!" -- Faye-Linda M.
  • "The lessons themselves were very helpful. Even having years of experience with investigating, I still learned things I didn't even know." -- Billy R.
  • "Enjoyed the entire class. No problems at all....Great class! Great instructor!" -- Mike R.
  • "What a great teacher. Enjoyed it very much!" -- Don M.
  • "Both [course and instructor] are great! :)" -- Diana H.
  • "The most helpful parts were the interviews parts because without knowing the interviewing no telling what kind of cases you'll end up with....The instructor was great I don't think anyone else could do her job any better." -- William H.
  • "I enjoyed this class. Not only was the insructor helpful to me when I needed help, but so were the forums. Very well organized." -- Vicky S.

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