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Course Description

This course will be of tremendous help to anyone, and everyone who has an open mind. Spiritual counseling and awareness is beneficial to everyone, no matter what age or education level. More important than material things, more important than the perfect spouse, or the perfect life, your own spirituality defines who you are. It is your belief system, it determines your actions and goals, and you should be aware of that importance.

Your inner thoughts, fears, and desires shape who you are. By going to the source of all misfortune in your life, and redirecting that source, you can drastically change your life. All it takes is belief. Throughout the course, you must be patient with yourself and your spiritual growth. There is no sense in rushing your spirit. If you desire a spiritual awakening, you will find it during this course.

During this course, you will discover many things about yourself. You will see what made you who you are. You will realize what you truly want in life, and you will improve your relationships with love and forgiveness. For anyone who has been damaged, and seeks a better future and a kinder heart, this course is for you.

Lesson 1: Intention Manifestation

Lesson 2: Personal Visions/Dreams

Lesson 3: Healing Emotional Scars

Lesson 4: Establishing regular meditation

Lesson 5: Transformations

Lesson 6: Entering Trance

Lesson 7: Astral Projection

Lesson 8: Connecting with the Higher Power

Lesson 9: Revisiting the past

Lesson 10: Conference of the spirit

Lesson 11: Using fear to your advantage

* This course may contain concepts that are unfamiliar or controversial to many students.

**Students will be drawing upon themselves as their greatest resource throughout this course.

Course Requirements


§ Students should be free of all distractions

§ Students should have an open mind

§ Students should have writing materials, so that they may record their own personal thoughts or experiences

§ Students should ask themselves many questions related to the content

Course Goals


·         The student will have shed his or her doubts by the end of the course and is more open to exploring their own personal spiritual self. It is unimportant if the student believes in the concepts given, it is more important that they are aware of their own power to grow.

Course Materials

All course materials are provided in this class. There is no need to buy additional resources.

Grading Policy

There are exams and assignments to help the student master the concepts discussed in the lessons. Students will successfully complete this course by mastering all learning outcomes with 70% or higher overall grade.


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define emotional energy.
  • Describe healing emotional scars.
  • Establish regular meditation.
  • Describe insecurity.
  • Describe self-hypnosis/trance.
  • Describe the astounding effects of visualization.
  • Know positive and negative affirmations.
  • Define personal beliefs and values.
  • Describe conference of the spirits.
  • Describe using fear to your advantage, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Lesson 1: Process of Manifesting Intentions2
Lesson One: Intention Manifestation Quiz12
Lesson Two: Emotional Energy Quiz12
Lesson Three: Healing Emotional Scars Quiz10
Lesson 4: Activity2
Lesson Four: Establishing Regular Meditation Quiz10
Lesson 5: Activity2
Insecurity and You - Face a Situation2
Lesson Five: Insecurity9
Lesson Six: Self-Hypnosis/Trance11
Lesson Seven: The Astounding Effects of Visualization9
Lesson 8: Positive Statements2
Lesson Eight: Positive and Negative Affirmations8
Lesson 9: Activity2
Lesson Nine: Personal Beliefs and Values10
Lesson 10: Activity2
Lesson Ten: Conference of the Spirits8
Final Exam52
Lesson Eleven: Using Fear to Your Advantage10
Total Points:177

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