What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "This course was extremely helpful, and thoroughly introduced me to the concepts, ideals, and practice of reiki." -- Tia K.
  • "This course was helpful for me to learn more about what reiki is and whether I want to continue learning about it. Thank you!" -- Mary K.
  • "I really enjoyed taking this course. I most likely would consider taking the other courses in this series mainly because of this course and how well it was formatted. I initially took this course based on curiosity, but now I am interested in learning more about Reiki. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us." -- Mark D.
  • "I thought this course was very helpful along side reiki 1 that i have been taking, I am eager to practice, learn and experience more and see where this takes me in terms of health and spirituality!" -- Sommer T.
  • "I liked the material. I would not add more because I felt it was clear and good background in the history." -- Lennea F.
  • "First of all, thank you, Dave! I enjoyed this short course! I think that this course is a wonderfully informative introduction to what Reiki is. It was just the right length for someone like me who is new to Reiki's concepts, and who wants to make a thoughtful decision as to whether or not to continue with further training in the subject matter at this time. Thanks, again!" -- Lauren H.
  • "As a person who is consciously on a spiritual journey and who has taken a first degree Reiki, I found this course helpful. I needed background information from people knowledgeable about Reiki and feel that I received that." -- Olga K.
  • "This course was very informative, I especially liked the videos." -- Gary H.
  • "It's the first course I took. I found it very helpful, can't think of anything else to add to it." -- Emilia N.
  • "This was actually a really cool course. I can't wait to learn more!" -- Eleni M.
  • "It was good and informative. Great course for anyone new to reiki. I would definitely recommend it!" -- Samantha D.
  • "I found this course very helpful. I enjoy revisiting the information. Thank you." -- Jacqueline C.
  • "It was helpful in deciding to go forward with Reiki training." -- Margaurite C.
  • "Enjoyed, very informative." -- Sheila G.
  • "Great Reiki preview. Thanks a lot!" -- Cindylu F.
  • "This course was a great overview of the subject." -- Donna S.