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Course Description

Delving into Metaphysics: Exploring the Essence of Existence and Reality

The term "metaphysics" often conjures a myriad of images and meanings. To some, it’s a subset of physics, while others view it through a mystical lens. Many see it as a profound branch of philosophy, and for some, it remains an intricate theory seemingly reserved for erudite scholars in secluded academia. While these perceptions might hold fragments of truth, they only graze the surface of metaphysics' profound scope and significance.

Originating from mankind's earliest ponderings about existence, metaphysics has been a cornerstone of philosophical thought. Long before the term itself was coined, our ancestors grappled with questions about the essence of existence and the fundamental nature of reality. Contrary to its potentially intimidating reputation, metaphysics is the very act of contemplating existence, reality, and the foundational elements of the universe.

Metaphysics navigates profound existential questions: Is there a definitive moral compass guiding right from wrong? Does a divine entity or creator exist? What constitutes the fabric of the universe? Are our paths preordained, or do we possess the freedom to carve our destinies? Such questions are integral to human introspection, shaping worldviews and guiding daily life, even if not explicitly acknowledged.

This course unravels the multifaceted domain of metaphysics, providing comprehensive insights into its key concepts, practical implications, historical evolution, and notable philosophical movements spanning from the wisdom of ancient Greece to contemporary interpretations. Additionally, the course will shed light on modern "New Age" metaphysics, offering a holistic understanding of its place in today's world.

Course Outline:

  1. What Is Metaphysics?: Delve into the core of metaphysics, demystifying its essence and significance.
  2. Coming to Terms: A Philosophical Glossary: Equip yourself with the terminology essential for navigating the philosophical landscape.
  3. Classical Metaphysics: The Greeks: Journey back to the cradle of Western thought, exploring the seminal contributions of Greek philosophers.
  4. Cosmology & Cosmogony: Understand the origins and structure of the universe, analyzing ancient and modern perspectives.
  5. Determinism & Free Will: Delve into the timeless debate about human agency, exploring the dichotomy between fate and free will.
  6. Mind & Matter: Examine the relationship between consciousness and the physical world, questioning the nature of reality.
  7. Objects & Their Properties: Investigate the essence of entities and the characteristics that define them.
  8. Religion & Spirituality: Explore the metaphysical dimensions of faith, spirituality, and the quest for the divine.
  9. Space & Time: Contemplate the nature of space and time, probing their interconnectedness and mysteries.
  10. New Age Metaphysics: Dive into contemporary interpretations and practices, assessing their relevance and impact.
  11. Does God Exist?: Engage with one of the most profound questions in metaphysics, assessing diverse perspectives on divinity.

By the culmination of this course, participants will not only have a robust grasp of metaphysical concepts but also an enriched understanding of their personal philosophies. It seeks to ignite an insatiable curiosity about the universe, encouraging further exploration and introspection.

Whether you're a seasoned philosopher, an inquisitive mind seeking clarity, or someone aiming to understand the deeper intricacies of existence, this course promises a transformative journey. Dive deep into the realms of thought and emerge with a renewed perspective on life and reality. Join us in this exploration of metaphysics, and let's unravel the mysteries of existence together.

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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define metaphysics.
  • Summarize classical metaphysics.
  • Describe cosmology and cosmogony.
  • Summarize determinism and free will.
  • Describe the philosophical notions of mind and matter, objects and their properties, religion and spirituality, and space and time.
  • Describe philosophical notions of identity and change.
  • Describe the religious, philosophical, and science perspective of God.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Motives for Taking this Course 2 points
Quiz for Lesson 1: What Is Metaphysics? 10 points
Quiz for Lesson 2: Coming to Terms: A Philosophical Glossary 10 points
Quiz for Lesson 3: Classical Metaphysics: The Greeks 10 points
Quiz for Lesson 4: Cosmology & Cosmogony 8 points
Quiz for Lesson 5: Determinism & Free Will 10 points
Quiz for Lesson 6: Mind & Matter 9 points
Quiz for Lesson 7: Objects & Their Properties 9 points
Quiz for Lesson 8: Religion & Spirituality 8 points
Quiz for Lesson 9: Space & Time 9 points
Quiz for Lesson 10: The New Age Movement 8 points
Quiz for Lesson 11: Does God Exist? 9 points
The Final Exam 42 points