What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "This course is well organized. Course curriculum is well developed. Facilitator is great with grading and gave feedback in timely fashion. Course outcomes are aligned with course instructional materials, activities and assessment. Job well done and thank you!" -- Nasreen L.
  • "Very helpful, and full of valuable Information not just for home-keepers but also for professional house cleaners who do this for a living as well. Thank you so much." -- Jessica R.
  • "I took this course to find better ways of cleaning my home. Cleaning without the harsh chemicals is important to me and the safety of my family. Thank you for the new ideas and the research in finding better recipes for cleaning." -- Deborah L.
  • "This course far exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot of useful information on how to better keep my house clean." -- Vincent M.
  • "I like to see that I really enjoyed this Housekeeping 101 course overall. I learned a lot of the importance of looking after the home & keeping it tidy. This course has being v beneficial for me because hopefully in 5 or 6 years time I will have my own to live in and I will the skills from practicing at home to actually manage my own house in time." -- Seamus R.
  • "The course was practical and it widened my perspective on house cleaning. Researching the history of house cleaning and interesting facts about toilets interweaved with practical house keeping knowledge made the subject matter enjoyable to learn and memorable. I loved the chemistry lesson on cleaners. It was easy to understand and provided a good foundation for learning about cleaners. Rather than memorizing a list of chemicals and what they are used for I learned the logic behind making my own cleaning solution. I feel confident that I know how to clean my house now without asking my best friend what cleaner she uses. Excellent instructor. The course was a delight to take and I learned a lot." -- Linda K.
  • "Thank you so much for your help and feedback ... you are a great help!" -- Briona S.
  • "The course was very organized and was easy to comprehend." -- Rhonda E.
  • "I think she explained it well and her feedback helped me learn and engaged my mind." -- Rebecca H.
  • "I love this course and the instructor is extra helpful." -- Aven B.
  • "The instructor replied quickly in answering questions that I had and in grading my work." -- Susan A.
  • "Course and instructor were both great." -- Coty J.
  • "I throughly enjoyed taking this course. It was my first online course and I was not disappointed. The instructor presented material that was new to me and also presented it in a way that was clear, concise and easy to follow. I look forward to starting my next course!" -- Catherine P.
  • "She gave alot of great important websites to help me on cleaning all the house. Sometimes we forget some of the rooms in our house. Thank you for the information. I have started making plans to clean, clean, and clean. I am not a very good housekeeper. The information will help me to get my house in order." -- Rachel M.
  • "Good instructor!" -- Julie H.