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Student Testimonials

  • "The written assignments were the most productive." -- nick V.
  • "[The instructor] had done an excellent job in compiling the information into well-organized lessons that were concise and easy to read. I especially enjoyed completing the assignments, as the topics certainly added to the lessons. This is an enlightening course that I would highly recommend to any one who interested in the battles and results of the First World War. Four stars for the instructor!!" -- Sara H.
  • "The instructor was very helpful!!!" -- Lisa M.
  • "Great course! The video was most help. Also, the professor graded and commented on my tests quickly." -- John L.
  • "I felt like I was able to connect easily with this instructor. The feedback from the instructor was very helpful. I enjoyed hearing from him and reading his comments on the written assignments. He was extremely well versed on the subject matter and enthusiastic on all topics included. Thanks for everything! " -- Stacey M.
  • "Good instructor." -- Robert P.
  • "The instructor was always very prompt about replying to any assignments or exam submissions." -- Chris L.
  • "The instructor was very helpful, always had good comments on my written assignments and graded my lessons very very quickly." -- Sherry G.

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