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Course Description

Is there intelligent life on other planets?
Have we been visited by aliens here on earth?
Are they walking amongst us?
What are the explanations for the saucers in the sky?
To date, no one has, or is willing, to give final proof or solid answers to any of these questions. The purpose behind this course is to help you keep your mind and eyes open. The big question is if there really is intelligent life out there, where is it? And what kind of evidence do we have today to prove it? With so many of the planets in our solar system seemingly too hot or cold, or proven to have no life of any type, our hope appears to be in other parts of the universe.

The Center for UFO Studies categorizes contacts as "close encounters" of the first, second or third kind: First encounters are objects or unexplained lights in space; second encounter is marked by the UFO having a type of physical effect on the Earth such as radioactivity or burn marks; and the third encounter is reports of interaction between the witnesses and crew of an alien spaceship--often this relates to stories of "alien abductions".
Evidence that would convince most scientists of visitors from the sky is lacking, although there are stories about visual things in the sky since ancient times, and the idea still has appeal. There are fantastic stories--and yes, even some imaginative hoaxes! And there is even some compelling evidence to give credibility about the rumors the U.S. government actually possesses a crashed alien spaceship and alien bodies. Take this course and with the information provided, you'll be able to decide for yourself if there is a real phenomenon at work that warrants more scientific investigation; or perhaps you'll come to the conclusion that we are simply alone and unique in the universe.

Course Requirements

Everything you need will be provided in the course. To benefit fully from the course, you should have access to basic cable TV as well. You should also have a web-browser that supports FLASH files so you can take a look at the many wonderful videos uploaded in the course. Most browsers have Flash already installed, so this probably won't be an issue for most people. If you think it might be an issue, check the course enrollment screen for a sample video to make sure it works with your browser.

Course Goals

To study UFO phenomena around the world, present UFO Case Studies as accurately as possible, and contemplate the idea that we have been visited from another planet by intelligent life.


The views and ideas expressed in this course are the reflections of the Course Instructor, and not reflections or views of UniversalClass in whole or in part.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the UFO controversy.
  • Know the UFO coverup.
  • Know UFO congressional hearings.
  • Describe UFO case histories.
  • Describe the Roswell Incident and Area 51.
  • Describe the evidence and theories behind Crop Circles.
  • Describe the evidence of UFO Abductions.
  • Know popular UFO sightings including the recent UFO Sightings in Mexico, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Why do we question the background of those who claim to see UFOs?25
Lesson 1 Exam14
Why Cover Up?25
Lesson 2 Exam20
Lesson 3 Exam18
Foo Fighters -- Beginning of a Cover Up?25
Lesson 4 Exam12
Roswell 194725
Lesson 5 Exam18
Crop Circles -- Hoax or Not?25
Lesson 6 Exam20
Watch Fire in the Sky30
UFO Abduction Case Files25
Lesson 7 Exam18
Video Technology and UFO Sightings25
Total Points:325

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