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Student Testimonials

  • "The instructtor was very efficient and was there to answer any questions you had in a fast time frame." -- william H.
  • "This is a wonderful class and the teacher is great and a knowledgeable expert." -- Linda C.
  • "Was very happy with everything, have already talked about taking next course and talked to my husband about taking courses as well." -- Dwanda G.
  • "I felt the course was well prepared and professionally presented. Thank you!" -- Dave D.
  • "The instructor always promtly answered emails and graded the exams. She was also encouraging." -- ehrin N.
  • "I found this couse instructional, informative, and more than I bargained for. So, must be a bargain! :-) Really, me and my wife are ready to help some people. And this will only be more knowledge, that possibly I can share in the future!" -- Scott F.
  • "I really enjoyed this course and had a LOT of fun reading it. Thank you very much :)" -- Frank G.
  • "Enjoyed it thoroughly." -- Frank T.
  • "You're awsome, keep me informed on any new classes that you may teach reguarding the paranormal." -- Matthew C.
  • "The instructor was very helpful and her comments were very encouraging. I plan to take her next class in paranormal studies." -- Nora S.
  • "What was most helpful was the advice on how to conduct interviews with potential clients." -- Tracy L.
  • "All of the course was helpful. I learned a little bit more each day." -- Hope G.
  • "I found every aspect of this course helpful." -- Jennifer R.
  • "The instructor was always alvailable to answer any question. She was a great instructor." -- Heather G.
  • "The course was really fun and the instructor was very nice." -- Eugenia L.
  • "The instructor was very prompt in responding the the assignments." -- John R. G.
  • "The instructor was great and I would like to attend another course taught by her." -- Ricardo C.
  • "This course was terrific. Not too mmany people offer this kind of course and related instrustionon this topic. Thank you to all who put it together." -- Nancy C.
  • "She was a pleasure to have as an instructor and always answered questions and provided good feedback." -- Jen S.
  • "I found this course very interesting and I know my instructor was there to answer any questions if I needed her. I was very pleased." -- Elizabeth C.
  • "Great." -- David B.
  • "The instructor was very nice and very helpful. She answered all of my questions in a very timely fashion." -- Chantel G.
  • "The instructor was great and always there if you needed her." -- Brenda P.
  • "This has been a very good experience and I am very pleased to have taken it." -- Dave K.
  • "I had taken the TAPS course at ULL in Lafayette, La. Your course was so much better I am very impressed." -- Dagmar W.
  • "I enjoyed this course. All assignments where marked quickly and efficiently. " -- David B.
  • "I found the course extremely helpful. I enjoyed this course, and would take more courses in the future." -- Dennis R.
  • "Great instructor and course...." -- Divan S.
  • "Everything was very, very helpful in all of the lesson plans. " -- Heather K.
  • "Great class can't wait for the next, thanks." -- Kathy N.
  • "Great course, but nobody knows all the answers." -- Leon R.
  • "The instructor was so nice, and very helpful. I would definitely take other classes from her again. Also the students were all very nice and friendly. I got a positive vibe the entire time I took the class. I'm sad that it's over." -- Lori M.
  • "I really liked the way it was layed out and would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the paranormal." -- Tamara T.
  • "I realise it is a basic course and I was delighted to take it, I have learned a few good tips and they will certainly help. Thank you all." -- Marie-Laure N.
  • "Very enjoyable. This was my first online course as far as I can remember and I couldn't have picked a better topic and instructor. Gained a lot of knowledge and know-how over the last few weeks and I hope to put it all to good use at some point in the future!" -- Mark O.
  • "Brilliant course, great Instrutor, what more can I say." -- Neville G.
  • "The instructor was great! really available kind respectful and replied really fast! thank you : )" -- Gabriela E.
  • "Hope that this instructor will head another class on the Paranormal." -- Bernadette R.
  • "Very Pleased with the instructor and promptness on grading material...I would highly recommend this class to my friends." -- Robert B.
  • "It was all helpful but I would say the class forum was the most helpful because you got different opinions from others." -- Scott A.
  • "The lessons themselves were very helpful. Even having years of experience with investigating, I still learned things I didn't even know." -- Billy R.
  • "Thanks for the positve comments!" -- Alkinoos K.
  • "I enjoyed the class completely!" -- Shari F.
  • "Was a great learning tool. Thank you." -- Terri H.
  • "It was a good class and my instructor was good about returning emails and generally helpful." -- Lorie S.
  • "The instructor was great!!" -- Faye-Linda M.
  • "Great class! Great instructor!" -- Mike R.
  • "What a great teacher. Enjoyed it very much!" -- Don M.
  • "Both [course and instructor] are great! :)" -- Diana H.
  • "The instructor was great I don't think anyone else could do her job any better." -- William H.
  • "Brilliant instructor, very helpful, I will be back for another course. Thank you, enjoyed every minute of it." -- Cheryl R.
  • "I enjoyed the course and would love to take more like this" -- Kathryn G.
  • "I learned much from the extended reading lists. They were easy to navigate to and I will be referring to some frequently." -- Jane A.
  • "On to the next course." -- Edward K.
  • "I loved the attention given by the instructor,the length of each lesson, and the assignments and exams were challenging enough to be able to learn and retain information." -- Brooke H.
  • "The entire subject matter of this course was helpful." -- linda L.
  • "I enjoyed this class. Not only was the insructor helpful to me when I needed help, but so were the forums. Very well organized." -- Vicky S.

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