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Student Testimonials

  • "I really liked this course. It helped me a lot. I like my instructor too. Thanks so much." -- Jessica K.
  • "The way the material was presented was very clear and easy to comprehend. The instructor got back to me quickly, which was appreciated. She was also helpful, positive, clear and concise." -- Brooke S.
  • "I loved learning all about how the brain develops and what I can do to encourage development in my son. Instructor was great, very helpful!" -- Nichole B.
  • "This instructor was awesome. She was readily available and very helpful." -- Deborah B.
  • "Well put together. Really fun." -- Erika B.
  • "All the parts of this course are helpful. In my opinion the course was excellent and the instructor too. She gave me some feedback about my job and that is really appreciated. Thanks." -- Lynette C.
  • "It was all very helpful I will use this program again." -- Sarah R.
  • "Early childhood development was essential to understanding the delays and issues that can be seen, and when, as children grow." -- Barbara R.
  • "I found the "Developmental connections in early childhood" and "emotional and social development" very helpful. I also found "infant growth and development" knowledgeable. My class experience was a great one." -- Angel G.
  • "I learned so much about this course that it's going to improve my skills as a teacher in a daycare that I work at." -- Yenderina M.
  • "It was a great course. She was a great instructor." -- Rachel M.
  • "The entire course was most helpful." -- Anique L.

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