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Student Testimonials

  • "Really liked the instructor-you can tell he has a sense of humor." -- Louise R.
  • "This course was put togeather very well....The instructor did a very good job and was very fast on reviewing your work and getting your grade back." -- JOE S.
  • "The website worked well - better than most. Someone thought carefully and executed well in putting the website together." -- FCraig C.
  • "The information presented was well done and informative. It created a very good summary of the material and gave a general understanding about the topic." -- Richard S.
  • "I find the instructor very helpful and prompt in grading assignments and exams and in answering my questions or concerns." -- Jameel M.
  • "The whole course was helpful." -- Colin P.
  • "My instructor is excellent. She is very supportive, and quick to reply to queries. It's because of her that I have now enrolled on the Meteorology course." -- Gael M.
  • "I enjoyed being in this class. The instructor is very knowledgeable and knows her "stuff" about cosmology!" -- Edward E.

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