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Student Testimonials

  • "The instructor was alomost always available, grading the assignments and exams in time. His comments are appreciated for me. Thanks." -- Metwally A.
  • "Keep the good work :)" -- Tuva S.
  • "The most helpful course materials were Mastering Subject-Verb Agreement, Writing Effectively, and Sentence structure, but actually everything was very helpful for me, especially since English is my second language. " -- Eleonora D.
  • "I liked this course." -- Yana T.
  • "I took a few classes from this instructor. I find her really helpful, she knows what she is teaching and is really there if you have questions. Yes I would take classes from this instructor in future." -- Erika B.
  • "The instructor was very good at sending feedback promptly." -- Jacqueline B.
  • "The part that I found most helpful was the detailed video on each lesson. The instructor and the course are well developed." -- Levis M.
  • "-Excellent course-well organized, clear, concise, full of good information, opportunity to practice a lot of exercises and to continually evaluate yourself and to follow your own progress. -Covering a large spectrum of English language aspects and emphasizing the most difficult grammatical problems for a non-native English speaker. -The instructor was wonderful, prompt, available, helpful anytime, coming up with explanation of the errors,professional and very kind. Loved her!" -- Valentina R.
  • "Thank you very much to the instructor. She was very helpful and always answered my questions. I learned a lot from this course. Thank you! I liked very much the video in each lesson. It was very helpful." -- Ivana F.
  • "Thanks for editing my sentences, so I knew my weak parts." -- Hyunjin K.
  • "I was new to taking online courses, so really everything was helpful. I think the most was the extra help that was included with each class that you could log into and practice. Thanks." -- Ronnie S.
  • "All was very helpful. My instructor was very very good." -- Henry L.
  • "I found all parts of this Course extremely helpful. Thought my Instructor was excellent." -- Ian H.
  • "Everyone who feels shy to speak in English, don't be afraid. Universal Class makes your life easy. You will finish this course with full of confidence. The instructor is very prompt. She replies quickly...This course is wonderful." -- RASHMI M.
  • "The instructor I had was wonderful. I have found all the lessons very helpful. The part of the course that was the most helpful to me is lesson 8. Lesson 8 helped me write for clarity and helped me to master subject and verb agreement." -- Shauna B.
  • "The availability of the instructor and the quality of the instructional content was most helpful to me." -- Reese L.
  • "I was pleased to take this course with easy to do lessons. I plan to take another course next month." -- Annette G.
  • "The instructor was great and very helpful. I found the whole course very helpful." -- Cecilia T.
  • "The instructor has a positive attitude which encouraged you to continue the course." -- Rose R.
  • "The part most helpful for me, was the exercises in each lesson. Amazing!" -- Yakelis D.
  • "The instructor has this course very organized and is an expert in English grammar. The most helpful part of the course was how to write better sentences and verbs." -- Maria A.
  • "The instructor was very nice and was really quick to email back." -- Devin S.
  • "This is my first time to complete all the levels of online courses. I really enjoyed the advice from my instructor! She gave me confidence to reach my goal!" -- Yoshiko W.
  • "All parts of this course were helpful, including the additional reading materials. It all served as very good review material." -- John D.

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