UniversalClass Technical Requirements

Universal Class is an online learning service. In order to successfully complete a Universal Class online course, you'll need to meet these minimum requirements:
  • An Internet connection (note: broadband access is strongly recommended).
  • An HTML 5 compliant web browser. Specifically, Universal Class has been proven to work with the latest versions of most major web browsers, including the most recent releases of the following: Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.
  • JavaScript must be enabled on the web browser.
  • Cookies must be enabled on the web browser for Universal Class domains.
  • Learner must have a verified and working email address that they regularly check.
  • Broadband internet access is required to view videos.
  • A printer is recommended if the learner wishes to print out the course materials to study offline.
  • Any required books are listed in the course syllabus. The course syllabus is available to the general public online (browse to the course enrollment screen and click on the link 'view syllabus').