Working with PDF Files

Working with PDF Files
Moving and Rearranging Pages
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You can move and rearrange pages in a PDF document using Acrobat. This means you can move page #4 and make it page #2. To do this, you use the Navigation Pane.

Go to the Navigation Pane and click the Pages icon so you see the thumbnails of the pages in your PDF document.

Click on the thumbnail you want to move. It will be highlighted with a red outline.

Next, just drag and drop the page to its new location. If you want page #3 (as highlighted above) to be page #2 instead, just drag and drop it above the current page #2.

You'll see a blue line where the that you are dropping will be placed:

Release your mouse. The page is moved.

Extracting Pages

You can also extract a range of pages from a PDF document and place them into a new PDF file. You can also have Acrobat create a different PDF file for each page.

To extract a range of pages, first make sure the Navigation Pane is open and that the thumbnails of the pages is showing.

Click the little gear icon and click Extract Pages.

You'll then see this dialogue box:

Go to the From and To fields and enter in the beginning and ending page numbers of the pages you want extracted.

If you want to remove them from the original document, check "Delete Pages After Extracting."

If you want each extracted page to become a separate PDF document, click "Extract Pages as Separate Files."

Click OK when you're finished.
Insert One File Into Another

Acrobat allows you to take the contents of one PDF and put it into another.

If you want to insert pages from one document into another:

Go to the Navigation Pane. Make sure the Pages panel is showing with the page thumbnails.

Click the gear icon (or the Action menu).

Select Insert Pages from the dropdown menu.

Choose if you want to insert the pages from another file on your computer - or from the clipboard (copy/paste).

Find the file that you want to insert. Click on it to select it. Then click the Select button.

 You'll then see the Insert pages dialogue box.

You'll see the name of the file you are going to insert in Insert File.

Next, select where you want to insert the file into the current document in "Location."

You can insert it After the page selected. The selected page will be highlighted in red in the Pages panel (thumbnails). You can also insert it Before.

You can also specify in the Page category if you want the inserted document to be the first or last page, or specify the page number you want it to be.

Click OK when you're finished.

Replace Pages

You can also replace pages of the current document with pages from another PDF.

Go to the Navigation Pane and click the Pages panel (thumbnails). 

Click the gear icon (Action menu) and select Replace Pages.

The Open dialogue box opens:

Find the file you want, then click Select.

Now, enter in the page numbers of the pages you want to replace in the current document.

Specify the starting number of the pages you want to use to replace the pages you are removing.

Click OK.

Delete Pages

To delete pages in the current PDF document, go to the Navigation Pane, then the Pages panel. Click on the Action menu and select Delete Pages.

Enter the range of pages that you want to delete, then click OK.

Number Pages

To add page numbers, go to the Navigation Panel, then the Pages panel. Click the Action menu and select Number Pages.

In the Pages section, select if you want to number All pages or a range (From). If you want to number a range of pages, enter the beginning number of the pages you want to number, then the ending number.

In the Numbering Section, you can select a numbering style. You can also add a prefix and choose the page number you want to start with. Not all books or documents start out with #1 as the first page number.

Click OK when you're finished. 

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