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Course Description

One Stroke painting is the hottest form of decorative painting today.  Millions are enjoying this fast and easy way to create many unique designs, one stroke at a time. 

In this course, Joan will take you step-by-step in learning this exciting and easy painting method. This is so convenient for in-home art study and learning at your own pace.   Joan is a 'Certified One Stroke Instructor' (OSCI).

What better way to give happiness to others, than painting birthday flowers for all your friends, family, and peers?

Birthday flowers are a great way to share your talent with the world.  You will learn the flowers for each month:  January Carnation, February Violet, March Jonquil (or Daffodil), April Sweet Pea, May Lily of the Valley, June Rose, July Larkspur, August Gladiolus, September Aster, October Marigold, November Chrysanthemum, and December Narcissus, as well as the leaves for each flower.      

Each lesson will have painted stroke guides, as well as written instructions, and complete designs for you to print and use for your convenience.  The lessons are designed for your enjoyment in learning painting online.  Joan will be paying careful attention to your comments and questions and will help you all the way to painting independence.

Joan has incorporated many websites, for you to browse in for your supply needs, as well as information and organizations to join for painting.  A new world awaits you.  It is just a click away.  

Many people, who have never painted before, are amazed at their results. These people are now enriching their lives with their new hobby. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by taking this fun course. This class is an exciting class on color, design, creativity, imagination, relaxation, and fun.

For more course samples, click on the link below, and then click on 'course samples'.  






One Stroke Painting of Birthday Flowers is the fifth in a series of popular painting classes taught by Joan Waff. The goal of this course is for you to paint the carnation, violet, jonquil, sweet pea, lily of the valley, roses, larkspur, gladiolus, aster, chrysanthemum, and narcissus, as well as all the leaves for each flower. You will learn how to create a complete design, using the elements learned in each lesson. After this course, you will gain confidence to paint your own designs for a rewarding new hobby.

You don't have to purchase reading materials for this course. You will have the written instructions for this course, as well as the stroke guide to help you master the elements in this class. Other supplies are: Folk Art acrylic paint by Plaid Colors: floating medium (colorless), berry wine, engine red, burnt carmine, pure orange, wicker white, sunflower yellow, yellow light, school bus yellow, yellow ochre, green forest, thicket, dioxazine purple, and night sky Brushes: Plaid by Donna Dewberry (green handles) Sizes: 3/4" Flat, #12 Flat, #2 Script Liner Miscellaneous Supplies: Foam Plates, Paper Towels, Brush Caddy, Wax Paper, Artist Practice Pad (optional).

* Instantly download, print, and share your CEU Certificate at course completion (additional shipping/handling charges apply for hard copy delivery). UniversalClass™ offers many wonderful learning tools including an online portfolio service that manages all your course completions and CEUs.
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Course Lessons

  • Brushes and Paints

    Let's get going! In this lesson, you will learn about brushes and care.
  • January Carnation

    Get ready for color! This exciting lesson will teach you the carnation. Let's get started!
  • February Violet

    Pretty and delicate are two words to describe the violet. You will learn the petals, leaves, stems, and a complete design. This one is easy and relaxing. Let's go paint!
  • March Jonquil (Daffodil)

    Bright and colorful are two words for this cute flower. You will learn the petals, trumpet, stamens, leaves, and complete design. Let's start!
  • April Sweet Pea

    Easy and dramatic are two words for the Sweet Pea. You will learn the petals with many variations, leaves, and complete design. Let's get started!
  • May Lily of the Valley

    Let's have fun! You will learn the bell shaped flower, unique stems, fun leaves, and a complete design. Let's paint!
  • June Rose

    Elegant and dynamic are two words to describe the rose. You will learn shell and slice strokes, rosebuds with calyx, leaves, and a complete design. Let's get excited!
  • July Larkspur

    Perky and fun are two words to describe the larkspur. You will learn the petals, shapely leaves, and complete design. Let's get started!
  • August Gladiolus

    Bright and sunny are two words to describe the gladiolus. You will learn the flower, stamens, bud, leaves, and a complete design. Let's get started!
  • September Aster

    This lesson will be very enjoyable! You will learn petals, leaves, calyx, buds, and a complete design. Let's paint!
  • October Marigold

    Bright and striking are two words for the marigold. You will learn the petals, flower base, buds, calyx, leaves and complete design. Let's have some fun!
  • November Chrysanthemum

    Subtle and elegant are two words to describe the chrysanthemum. You will learn the petals, leaves, calyx and complete design. Let's get ready!
  • December Narcissus

    Bright and happy are two words for the narcissus. You will learn the flower base, trumpet, leaves and complete design. Let's go!
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