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Course Description

GET STARTED WITH THE BASICS!  This course is the best course to get you started in the One Stroke technique, whether you are right-handed or left-handed.  Simple, basic strokes are taught in this course, including many tips and hints of using these basic strokes to paint many designs as seen in the One Stroke books, by Donna Dewberry.  The One Stroke technique uses only a few basic strokes for all the designs and this course is geared to getting you started using the foundation strokes.   You will learn about brushes, paints, daisies, one stroke leaves, heart leaves, rosebuds, calyxes, wisteria, foliage, five-petal flowers, butterflies, bees, vines, bird nests, eggs, and curlicues as well as completed designs that you can use for many projects. You will learn how to use cardstock to construct pins that you can wear, with your unique designs.  Painting surfaces are endless. This course will give you the pictures, stroke guides, written instructions and feedback from Joan to learn the basic strokes. Joan Waff, OSCI (One Stroke Certified Instructor), will take you step-by-step through all the basic strokes to painting independence. Once you learn a few basic strokes, you will be ready to share your creativity with the world. You will get many websites to visit for supplies, painting surfaces, and organizations to join. Today is the day for you to jump in and learn a new hobby that will enrich your life and others for the rest of your life.



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Course Lessons

  • Brushes and Paints

    Let's go! This lesson will cover brushes, brush care, brush loading, paints, and miscellaneous tips on getting started!
  • Basic Daisies

    Fun and easy are two words to describe the daisy. You will learn the petals, centers, and calyx of the daisy. Let's get going!
  • Basic Leaves and Transparent Leaves

    Simple! You will learn how to paint the One Stroke leaf and stem and how to paint transparent leaves. Let's get started!
  • Basic Wiggle Leaf

    Dramatic! You will learn the wiggle leaf! This lesson will show you how to "wiggle" the brush for a cute leaf and paint curlicues. Let's go!
  • Basic Bees and Butterflies

    Colorful and easy! You will learn the strokes in bees and butterflies. These are easy to add to designs too! Let's get started!
  • Basic Daisy and Bee Design

    Cute! You will be given the steps to complete the Daisy and Bee Design. Let's get started.
  • Basic Rosebuds

    Beautiful and simple! The rose bud has many designing possibilities. This lesson will teach you the three strokes of the rose bud. You also become aware of the shading and brush movements when executing these strokes. Let's go!
  • Basic Calyx

    Let's get started. This lesson will teach you the strokes for the calyx and stem for the rosebud. Let's paint!
  • Basic Wisteria and Foliage

    Fast and interesting! You will learn to paint wisteria and foliage. Let's get started!
  • Basic Rosebud and Wisteria Design

    Elegant and Striking! You will be given the steps to complete the Rosebud and Wisteria Design. This will be fun!
  • Basic Flowers, Flower Trails and Clusters

    Simple and effective. You will learn the five-petal flower, flower trails, and flower clusters and a complete design. Let's get started!
  • Basic Birds

    Adorable! You will learn the bluebirds, hummingbirds, and parrots in this lesson. Let's go!
  • Basic Bows, Branches, Grass, Vines and more!

    All related! You will learn to paint string bows, gorgeous branches, grass, vines, and bird nests. These are all similar! Let's get started!
  • Basic Card Stock Pins

    Fun! You will learn how to construct pins out of cardstock, using your own design and more. Let's go!
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