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Working with Your Animal Allies, Teachers and Totems


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Course Description

Do you know what your animal totems are telling you?  Are there ways to communicate with your animal allies more fully?  This course will show you how to deepen your relationship with your animal friends. You will be introduced to the process of knowing your animal teachers on a sacred level. Learn how to work with your animal totems in more effective ways. This course is designed for people who already know their power animals, animal totems, allies, or teachers. This is the second course in the "Animal Teachers" series (Finding Your Animal Teachers).
In Working with Your Animal Allies, Teachers, and Totems you will discover your family totem animals and become attuned to the natural cycles of your animal allies. You will also learn to construct your personal medicine wheel of animals. You will be able to determine the meaning of the colors of the animals that you encounter and investigate the meanings of places such as lakes and mountains in regards to your power animal. You will become acquainted with "animal wisdom' cards and how to use them and learn various forms of meditations to contact and receive messages from your animal friends.
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Course Lessons

Animal Allies

Since prehistory, people have wanted more intimate connection with the animals. This lesson teaches how to connect more deeply with your animal friends. 200 Total Points
  • Review Article: Animal Spirits
  • Complete Assignment: Animal Allies
  • Complete Exam: Animal Allies

Totem Animals

Orginally, totem animals meant an ancestral animal spirit attached to a clan. Learn how to find yours. 200 Total Points
  • Review Article: Surname Meanings from About.com
  • Complete Assignment: Totem Animals
  • Complete Exam: Totems

Animal and Colors

In nature, animals use color in many ways. And, people saw many meanings in the colors of animals. Learn how color relates to your relationship with your power animals. 190 Total Points
  • Review 3 Articles: Web Design - The Hidden Meanings of Color; Symbolic Christian colors; Color Associations
  • Complete Assignment: Color and Animals
  • Complete Exam: Color and Animals

Natural Cycles and Animals

Animals have natural power cycles, when their influences waxes and wanes. 175 Total Points
  • Complete Assignment: Natural Cycles
  • Complete Exam: Natural Cycles

The Circle of Animals

Seeing your animals in a Great Round (Circle), helps you work with them more effectively. 195 Total Points
  • Review 2 Articles: Chinese Zodiac; The Medicine Wheel
  • Complete Assignment: Circle of Animals
  • Complete Exam: Circle of Animals

Sense of Place

Where an animal lives adds deeper meaning to what gifts they bring to you. 200 Total Points
  • Review 4 Articles: Blue Planet: Biomes; Places of Peace and Power; Symbolism of Place; Boreal Forest of the World
  • Complete Assignment: Sense of Place
  • Complete Exam: Sense of Place

Animal Wisdom Cards

Working with animal wisdom cards helps you to connect with your animal friends on a metaphysical level. 200 Total Points
  • Review 2 Articles: Aeclectic Tarot Reviews; Australian Animal Wisdom
  • Complete Assignment: Animal Wisdom Cards
  • Complete Exam: Using Animal Wisdom Cards

Finding Balance

Your animal allies will help you restore balance to your life when you need it. 200 Total Points
  • Complete Assignment: Finding Balance
  • Complete Exam: Finding Balance

Meditating with Your Animals

Learn to connect with the animals through meditation. 210 Total Points
  • Review Article: Dreams
  • Take Poll: How would you rate this course?
  • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Complete Assignment: Meditation
  • Complete Exam: Meditation
Total Course Points
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe animal allies.
  • Describe totem animals.
  • Describe animal and colors.
  • Describe natural cycles and animals.
  • Describe the circle of animals.
  • Describe sense of place.
  • Describe animal wisdom cards.
  • Describe finding balance.
  • Describe meditating with your animals, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.
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